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I’m back! A catch up…

Oh my god, I’m back!

I can’t really explain how strange it feels to have not posted here in nearly two months. It feels strangely exciting to be back writing for something other than the book (as much as I’ve loved it)- and actually pouring my heart out onto these pages too. Sitting down and opening a new tab up felt like arriving at a café after organizing to meet with a friend for an overdue catch up. You almost don’t know where to begin before you arrive. Almost a little nervous about where to start- but know that once you get going, talk a little awkwardly about the weather for a bit- everything will feel just as easy, and natural as it did before.

And wow, what gorgeous weather we’re finally having! I jest…

Anyway- aside from Love Island starting, falling in love with Ovie (for any other mutual fans), getting married, writing a book, going to another wedding, working on a new website and a little trip to the seaside in-between (as well as trying to keep on top of Whatsapps (work in progress), remember to do the washing and not let the vegetables in the fridge go moldy)- it’s been quite a calm couple of months. Ahem.

I have so much to bring you up to speed on and cannot WAIT to tell you more about the wedding (a.k.a, yes the clichéd and gloriously happiest day of my life). Like I mentioned, I’ll be dedicating September’s blog content to ‘wedding month’- and going into detail about our suppliers, things I’ve learnt from the process and everything in-between. I also plan on recreating the make up with my wonderful make up artist Zoe, and perhaps even some cakey business with Fran on YouTube- so keep your eyes peeled there too!

Aside from that little milestone- I’ve been largely finishing my book (!), The Insecure Girls’ Handbook (which, omg, you can preorder here). It’s been a real learning curve in many ways- and having just handed in the first manuscript draft this week of a grand total of 46,000 words- I’m excited to start refining it over the next few weeks and making it as good, and useful as it can possibly be. Writing it has meant I pretty much put blog writing on hold, which although has been frustrating- has almost given me a bit of a much-needed creative spark, and I’m so excited to fill you in with some shiny new travel guides, beauty loves and a few new fashion pieces too. I also have a new website launching very very soon for The Insecure Girls’ Club which I am SO excited about too. Sometimes it’s nice to focus your mind on one thing, because it truly does make a bit of space for other ideas to grow and flourish- rather than try to tackle everything at once-which I’m expert for.

I thought I’d pop in some photos from a recent little staycation to accompany this update too. After pretty much getting square eyes since our wedding at the end of May until the beginning of July- when my mum and dad reminded us they were going to Cornwall for a few days (and had a spare bedroom to boot)- I couldn’t say no. It was the perfect writing respite, and really helped see me over the finish line with the last chapter. It’s amazing what a change of scenery, a long GWR train ride and some fresh sea air can do for ones state of mind- and although it’s a luxury, cannot recommend it enough (and definitely made me realise I don’t need to go to an airport and pack a bulging suitcase for a beautiful break). It all felt like the very romantic and cliché-writer thing to do, and I’m glad I soaked it up and milked it as much as I could…

So! That’s where I’ve been in a nutshell. I’ve missed you all a great deal, and am so excited to get posting again. Absence has definitely made this heart grow fonder, and it’s a delight to be back <3

Liv x

(Dress: Gifted from Sezane*, Cardigan: Old Topshop*, Bag: Clare V*) *affiliate link


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