Lifestyle Music · March 11, 2019

The Monthly Playlist: February

Ah February, the month where I finally got out of any festive song ruts and back into other oldie (but goodie) tunes! Reintroducing my one true love Johnny Flynn (A Larum is one of my favourite albums of all time), as well as old Spector, Metronomy and Friendly Fires- 2009 got a serious look in for this months listens. On top of that I also went to a gig! A GIG- for the first time in ages to see Gus Dapperton, which introduced me to so many of his other bops (for want of a better word) and was definitely one where you leave and subsequently only listen to that artist for the next month afterwards. With new Flozza, old Tina and some classic Darlene on there to fill some suitably toe-tapping gaps, it’s been a month of good listens, enjoy!



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