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Giftmas Gift Guides 2018: Day 2, Fancy Stocking Fillers

(Kate Spade perfume, Nail Varnish, Eye Palette, Sticky Fingers Book, Aerin Lipstick, Travel Journal, Mini Candle, Hair Clip, Earrings)

…without a lump of coal in sight

When Joe and I were speaking about our first Christmas together last year, one of the things I was set on was that we had to make sure we still did stockings for one another- how could you not?! The charm about filling a stocking is that it’s really what you make of it- I’m personally someone who gets pretty excited about some new socks and a Christmas day breakfast chocolate bar- but I know it can really include a mix of everything from books, beauty and perhaps even a ‘bigger’ present too (I know there’s a few more indulgent items in here, but I wanted to include a little variety- it can always be balanced out by a juicy satsuma after all)! One thing I do like to try to stick with, is that everything is (relatively) useful in some capacity- and even though stockings are about the smaller things, sometimes quality over quantity is still as important (and equally still means you don’t have to spend a fortune either)…

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Come back tomorrow for some pretty beauty picks!


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