Style · July 2, 2018

Free People by the sea

When it comes to writing up outfit posts and editing through the photos of my #candidnotcandid snaps, I always ponder what it really is that you all like to read alongside them. I’m not much of an over thinker, but having the tendency to waffle a little- I want to make sure you’re spending your time here exactly as you’d like- chatter or not…

One post I loved recently was Hannah’s think piece on the think pieces (ITS THINK PIECE INCEPTION) and the humble outfit post. I’ve always tried to keep outfits here solely about just that- leaving the heavier stuff to one side and saving it to something more dedicated.

Recently though I’ve felt more and more pressure to get a little deeper when I’m parading around on here. Has Instagram made us want to digest outfits in a quick way and does that mean that a nice dress on the blog becomes a DMC and heart to heart? Like Hannah mentions, I don’t know if I have that much in me- and it definitely made me feel better about stripping things back and keeping outfit posts, more often than not, just that.

So, in light of that- here’s me at the seaside in one of my favourite Free People dresses. I picked it out for our podcast event last week– and in all honesty haven’t wanted to take it off since. Although I was a bit worried about it being a little sheer- with the perfect muted nude underwear (nothing too bright, folks)- they go unnoticed and it pretty much equates to my perfect summer dress (with A* ventilation too). I also added this bag which I also picked up from Free People (which to me says Gavriel meets Birkin)- it’s become one of my favourite hot day outfits, which still manages to look put together without getting this girl sweaty. Taken in Whitstable on one of the warmest days of the year, I pulled it on with these sunshine L.K. Bennett espadrilles and headed out for breakfast before training back to the big smoke (where only shorts and bikini tops felt appropriate)…

(Dress: Free People, Glasses: Free People, Bag: Free People, Shoes: C/O L.K. Bennett, Earrings: C/O Rock ‘n’ Rose)



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