Lifestyle · July 6, 2018

A June Catch Up…

Last month, one of my favourite posts to put together was my little catch up post- a not-so-little upload that basically had me sitting down and writing an online diary reminder of thoughts, feelings and everything I’d gotten up to; essentially the reason I started this blog in the first place.

It was a really cathartic way of noting everything down that I’d been up to, and it was so lovely that so many of you enjoyed reading it too!

The last month seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye- and with my birthday (which as per I tactfully dragged out for as long as possible), a trip to Edinburgh and a little proposal happening since- it feels like it’s been pretty busy too! So, as per- I thought I’d fill you in on a few things and bring you up to speed with everything coming up around here too…

Live Event

This month Charlotte and I recorded our first ever-live podcast, with one of my favourite ever brands Free People! We hosted it in their Rivington Street pop up in Shoreditch and we couldn’t have asked for a lovelier crowd, a better sound guy or a nicer brand to work with it on. We discussed everything from life lessons and advice in the podcast (with some wonderful audience participation too), so if you’d like to give it a listen I’ll pop the link here! Also, we’re currently in the process of planning our second live recording (this time with a bigger capacity too)- so keep your dates free for the 25th of next month too!

Being Conscious

After uploading a post with Brita last week (and having a real in-depth read through all of the lovely messages I received afterwards), it got me thinking about how I can talk a little more about the really important things over here. I know that’s not necessarily what people visit my blog for (outfits and wee guides will always be numero uno), but I had some brilliant site recommendations from Sophie, and feel like there’s a little window for me to start talking about things in a non-intimidating friendly way as we all figure things out together, right? I feel incredibly lucky to have a voice on the internet (and even more so one with platforms attached to it)- so it seems wasteful to never shine a light on things that affect us all- who’s with me?

Finding The One

In incredibly squeal-worthy exciting news, last weekend I went to London with my mum and a few of my bridesmaids for a couple more dressing appointments. Having seen some seriously beautiful dresses thus far, but never having had the feeling of ‘the one’- I honestly didn’t expect I’d ever find something that I’d totally fall in love with (the perils of being ridiculously indecisive). However, two appointments later and I was parading around in a couple of numbers that I’m almost certain could make the final cut, and couldn’t be more excited. It’s taking everything to not tell everyone (read: Joe) all about it, but I can’t wait to share some details about finding it and the process too.

Coming Soon

I hate to be Vinnie Vague or the person that talks about ambiguous plans with no release or share date, but after a few things not totally falling into place of late, I’m planning on launching a little somethin’ somethin’ either on or alongside my blog in the next month. Centered around a few topics incredibly close to my heart (and things Charlotte and I have already discussed on the podcast)- stay tuned for something I’m incredibly excited about, and hopefully you will be too. There’s a little bit more planning that needs to be done, but I’m hoping that by saying it out loud I might finally get the wheels in motion, after a while of having it stuck inside my noggin- here goes!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely few weeks too! Joe and I are currently planning a little week-off break, so if anyone has any suggestions of great destinations (from the Cornish coast to a sunny Mediterranean island, I’m all ears)!



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