Interiors Lifestyle · June 16, 2018

Inside Our Kitchen

I feel like I say this about every room in our home, but the kitchen is definitely one of my favourites. Really, I promise.

Although it has patches that need painting, a dishwasher door that needs fixes and corners of damp that wouldn’t be seen on Pinterest- it’s proved the best hub, catch up area and memory maker- having already held host to three big house parties, endless Friday nights cooking with a soundtrack of BBC Radio 6 and tonnes of girlie friend chatter that couldn’t possibly be discussed anywhere other than between those walls.

Additionally, when we moved in it was one of the places that I adored the decoration of- and although I’m sure we might extend it one day- I love everything from the small pantry, open work surfaces and Med style tiles (even if the floor does get dirty just by looking at it)…

Much like the rest of our home, the kitchen is a muddle of things old and new- trinkets from my family home and utensils and essentials that you’d need in a fully functioning grown up kitchen space. One of my favourite things in the room is our print from the Ivy (back when they only had one in London). I went here as a huge treat on my 18th birthday and we took one home as a keepsake. I can’t say it’s inspired all too many weekly menu choices (yet), but I love that it’s a nice little apt keepsake in the heart of our house, and kind of wish I’d collected more from all the lovely restaurants I’ve been lucky enough to eat in too…

One of the newest additions to the room is this incredible clock from Bramwell Brown Clocks. Not only does it do a stellar job of telling the time, but it also updates the weather forecast down to the air pressure, a little like a traditional barometer, but so, so beautiful too. It sits right next to our sink and work surface, and makes for the most gorgeous feature on an otherwise quite empty space.

Another thing we seem to have in abundance is a selection of cookbooks. When we’re both home all week we like to sit down on a Friday and flick through these for menu ideas, which I always look forward to. Due to a lot of travel and late nights, we haven’t done it a lot recently, but it’s something I always look forward to and a really lovely way of making sure we’re continually trying new delicious meals and not letting the books gather dust or just be for display! My favourite’s to read at the moment (and for ideas) are The Roasting Tin, Jamie’s Five Ingredients and the Leon cookbook.

I’d love to know if you’d like to see any more snapshots of our home like this, I’ve also done a tour of our kitchen on YouTube which is a little more in depth (although slightly older)- so have a peek at that if you fancy!



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