Beauty Travel · June 22, 2018

Beach Walk, Rye, 2018

Last week, a few days after my 25th birthday and all the festivities had died down- I headed to the coast with one of my favourite ever fragrance brands, Replica by Maison Margiela, and some of my favourite ladies- for a day by the sea to dust off the cobwebs.

I’d come to Rye about a year ago (and Camber a year before that), and have since been so desperate to go back to the famous Camber Sands dunes and lap up some sunshine and embrace the true feeling of sandy shoes and salty hair (can you tell I’ve not been away in a while?)

With one night booked in at the beautiful The Gallivant hotel, we were a stones throw away from the beach and made sure that after a lunch of homemade flatbreads, salads and fresh fruit- we’d be quick to pack our bags and rush down to the waters edge.

Having first been introduced to Replica last year after mine and Joe’s dreamy Cornwall trip (the brand kindly sent over their Beach Walk fragrance as a souvenir from the trip, which can be customised too)- it was no time before I garnered a real collection of their scents, with my favourites being Lazy Sunday Morning, At The Barber’s and of course, Beach Walk. With all fragrances modelled around familiar and nostalgic memories, for me they truly bring home what’s important about scent- the time pockets it can dust off, and the magic of transportation to a certain time and place. Perfumes to me are a bit like clothes- I’m very good at remembering where I was and what I was doing when I wore a certain something (hence why my wardrobe is probably so big), and being able to be thrown back by just re-wearing something- be it a smell, or dress- always feels quite sentimental and special.

Anyway, our afternoon was spent windswept on the beach attempting (read: laughing whilst doing) yoga, before heading back to the hotel for dinner and a mini festival experience too. I felt so lucky to be here with some of my favourite women in the industry (a northerner in a southerners body is my new description) and I felt truly lucky to be surrounded by some seriously good eggs. On top of that, The Gallivant is somewhere that had been on my ‘seaside stays’ list for a while, and I feel very fortunate that I got to tick it off. It’s perfectly nestled behind the dunes and alongside the sea- and know it would be the perfect bolt hole for any U.K seaside breaks in the future- next time I’m hoping to go back with Maggie and Joe too!



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