Style · January 31, 2018

Arriving at Gleneagles

I won’t get too poetic about our arrival in Gleneagles just yet. Mainly because there’s a whole blog post of that coming in a couple of days and I don’t want to bore you, and two because I know once I get going I probably won’t ever stop- because this place is summin’ else.

I knew it would be somewhere special before we’d even arrived. My dad is a barber, and being a chatterbox (and someone who talks to customers about here there and everywhere) had told me endless things from people he’d spoken to- gearing me up for a stay nothing short of unforgettable. That, and being a bit of a keen eye- had seen lots of posts from Carrie and Amy from their visit last year, so it’s safe to say I was itching to arrive- even as beautiful as Glasgow had been to us.

Also, because I check BBC weather like some kind of pre-teen with their YouTube subscription box, I was very aware that we might even be lucky enough to have a spot of snow- so the inches we had when we arrived certainly delivered on the festive front too. Although I’d definitely packed for an ~editorial version of winter~ (read: ankle boots with no grip, a maxi dress with tights- as if either would keep me warm of serve any kind of purpose) I actually ended up looking like Bobbie from the Railway Children for the duration of our stay- something I’m not entirely unhappy about and have actually now added to my styling repertoire.

Seeing as this coat had been sitting in my wardrobe for a couple of months, I decided to take it back out and dust if off- after making an inaccurate assumption that because it wasn’t covered in faux fur or fluff, it wouldn’t be warm. Proving me not only wrong, but showing that it was in fact a cracking piece- I paired it with… you guessed it… a beret as well as my favourite indigo jeans, studded Reserved boots (which took The Railway Children to a slightly more punk place) and an old cream knit. Although smart Liv came without gloves, it wasn’t quite enough to put me off of a snowball fight (one sided, may I add)- and I walked away cold handed and victorious before a couple more magical days at Gleneagles…

(Coat: & Other Stories, Scarf: Acne (old) similar here, Jumper: Old Sandro, Jeans: & Other Stories, Beret: Topshop, Bag: & Other Stories (old but similar here), Boots: Reserved)



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