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Reasons To Be Cheerful

Of all the blog posts that pop up on my dashboard, one of my favourites to always tuck into are the things that are making people happy. The intimate diary-like moments of fresh bread for lunchtime sandwiches, six-pack inducing laughter with friends- or a new product worth counting spare change for. After spending over a month in our new home, amidst new routine and enjoying plenty of little special moments I thought I’d pop together a list of things that have been making me smile lately- otherwise known as reasons to be cheerful

In good company
Since moving into our home- nearly every weekend has been filled with the kettle constantly rumbling, chats around the dining table and knocks on the door. It’s been so wonderful getting to see so many of my friends (old and new) and having people make the journey has truly made for a wonderful way of filling quiet afternoons. Moving house has certainly given me a good reason to clear the calendar and make special effort for those most special to me. Highly recommend (ho ho ho)!

Fun in the kitchen
This is probably something you’d expect a student to write who’s been living on Ketchup and penne pasta- but another thing the last month has bought is a tonne of food experimentation. Okay, I say that and things are still pretty PG, but being able to sit down every week with a heap of recipe books and decide on new things to experiment with has been a genuine highlight of my week. Until this month I’d never cooked fish (I know, I know) and have now extended my repertoire to sea bass, salmon and cod- watch this space (and give thanks to this amazing book, too)!

My favourite type of post
We were very lucky to receive several bunches of beautiful blooms during the couple of weeks we moved in and got engaged- and although we received a fair amount, it was the bunches from Bloom & Wild that hand-on-heart lasted the longest. So, having been a long time lover of the service and flowers, I was delighted to hear about their beautiful collaboration with Wild at Heart’s Nikki Tibbles (the brains behind that florist outside of Liberty and that special spot on Westbourne Grove). With their exclusive ‘Woodland Walk’ bunch oozing all things Autumn and including beautiful roses and Chrysanthemum (a symbol of supporting friends with loyalty and love)- they truly make for my favourite kind of post, and have certainly brightened up any grey days.

Making conversation
Maybe it’s the inner dog walker in me (because it sure as hell ain’t the londoner) but making conversation is one of the funny things that has been bringing me joy lately. Having spent a lot of time with my nan in London lately, seeing her skill of making conversation with absolutely everybody has been amazing. Packed commuter train? Sure! Receptionist at hospital? Best pals! It’s amazing the effect actually talking to people can actually have. Whilst sitting with my nan in a waiting room recently, we sparked conversation with a man next to us and honestly it was one of the most inspiring candid conversations I’ve had. I’m constantly amazed by her conversational magic, and it’s certainly something I’m trying to make more of an effort to do now.

Planning the ‘I do’s’
Oh well this is an exciting one! With aims to hopefully plan our wedding for next year, Joe and I have firmly got our planning hats on and mapping out tiny initial details and starting to put lists together has been pretty exciting indeed. I’m definitely savouring the moments like these that’ll be filled with minimum stress and unbounded enthusiasm- and I’ve very much loved setting the tempo already by having friends round to watch Bridesmaids, eat long lunches and giggle endlessly. Let me know if you’d like to see wedding content too- as I’m certainly keen to share the process if you are!


Post in collaboration with Bloom & Wild, but love of the service, beautiful blooms and LETTERBOX DELIVERY (!!!) all my own

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