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Sunday Duvet Reading: This Week 15/5/17

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! This week has been a bit of a hectic one, but also felt a little like the longest week ever. With lots of grown up things taking shape (will certainly update you all soon) and a whistle-stop trip to Paris (we arrived at 1pm and were home by 9)- it’s all felt a little bit fleeting and frantic- whilst also being incredibly exciting at the same time. I’m also well underway with my new design progress and am so excited to share things (and maybe ask for some handy volunteers to site test when the time is nearer too)! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week- and here’s to the next being full of sunshine!

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to…

(Chloe, Lorde, Carrie & Anna & Lily)

The Must-Reads:

A couple of posts that tickled my fancy this week began with a piece The Debrief published on ‘5 Inspiring Women On What Scares Them’. Not only was it wonderful reading about the careers of some new (and extremely talented) women, but learning how they’ve dealt with their career struggles, biggest fears and overcome them along the way made for a hugely inspiring piece indeed. Another I loved was Chloe’s post about fancy holidays- which definitely struck a chord with me! It’s definitely something interconnected with the ol’ comparison bug, but it felt like a little tiny-violin-free reminder that you don’t have to do anything to prove yourself in this industry (or any others, in fact).
Finally! This piece by Rolling Stone on the amazing Lorde was also a fantastic longer read. Ain’t she the bloody best?

The Podcast:

You know how passionately I feel about the podcast, and this week there have been two that I have been head-over-heels for. The first being Lily and Anna’s ‘At Home With…’ Series. I began this on the train to Devon a couple of weeks ago for their first episode with Jo Elvin, and equally adored this weeks with the gorgeous Kate Johnson too. The pair have such a natural, warm interviewing style and it’s such a pleasure to listen to during the daily grind.

Another listen I loved this week was Briony Gordon’s chat with one of my favourite foodies, Gizzi Erskine. Hearing Gizzi speak so candidly about ADHD and other mental health issues was truly refreshing- and Briony’s ‘Mad World’ podcasts are undoubtedly some of my absolute favourites.

The Website Love:

I’m sure you’re all more than familiar with my friend Carrie and her beautiful blog WishWishWish by now- and this week it turned the ripe old age of 9! I absolutely loved Carrie’s roundup through the years, and it definitely bought back some flash-backs from one dedicated reader over here (and made me realise how far blogging has truly come too)! HBD WWW!

The Video:

Ugh, as if I couldn’t love Alexa any more. Just watch and see.

Objects of desire:


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