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Sunday Duvet Reading: This Week 27/03/17

So during a week of travelling (a 24 hour trip to Spain), a visit to the Lime Wood hotel and a less joyous Brexit (ugh), the internet kindly offered some gems through it all to keep me sane through suitcase packing, long car journeys and airport boarding gates. On top of that I’ve also been wildly prepping for #TheBloggersMarket (which providing all went to plan happened yesterday)- and today my mum and I are off to the seaside for a little R&R before the next big chapter (i.e April) begins- Happy Sunday!

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to…

(L-R Sources: Callie, Vice, Vogue, Pandora Sykes)

The Podcast:
I’ve been really getting into podcasts lately- and although I’m not one for anything too heavy going (it’s usually chatter opposed to srs crime) I loved discovering my friend Lindsey’s podcast with the amazing Harry Makes It Up. Titled Full Coverage, the clue is slightly in the name- as this bad boy discusses all things beauty- from hero products, new launches and current trends- and whether you’re a total make up aficionado or beauty newbie, this is well worth a listen.

The Must-Reads:
The first article that I have loOoOoOoved this week came in from Pandora Sykes (how did you guess??) Discussing the danger of fake news and its affects on Generation Z. In the piece she speaks to a handful of teens who discuss their real experiences online and it’s truly eye opening how fact and opinion have become fused in the last few months. I also really enjoyed this piece from Vogue on ‘what is an influencer?’ and something a little more light hearted from Vice regarding a 2007 indie revival in 2017 (which I am all for). Thank you and goodnight.

The Blog Posts:
If I’m being totally honest, when things are a little busy I do struggle to keep up with blog posts- and find myself digesting and keeping up with content through places like Twitter and Instagram- opposed to anywhere else. Fortunately I’ve still managed to catch a few gorgeous posts- inducing another instalment from Kristabel’s blogging series featuring the wonderful Callie Thorpe on part-time blogging, Reem’s beautiful wedding (including all the inside details, if you’re as nosey and wedding obsessed as I am) and Lizzy’s touching post with her lovely mama, which was absolutely beautiful (Lizzy is also babe of the year, in case you’re a new reader too).

The Twitter Feed:
And finally- THE TWEET. Okay, well thread. One of my main ladies Mole recently shared a list of ridiculously underrated female artists alongside women’s history month and if you’re after some new listening I seriously recommend a scroll because there are some total gems in there.

Objects of desire:


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