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Sunday Duvet Reading: This Week 6/3/16

Oh hello! What a week! It’s been pretty non stop this end- with a trip to Bath beginning the week (with a mammoth city guide coming up in the next few days) and plenty of running about with meetings and #TheBloggersMarket prep peppering the latter half too! It was also the week IT WARMED UP. Okay, maybe only twice, but with blossoms on the trees, grass being mown and ankles coming out- I think it’s safe to say Spring has started poking it’s head out, and I couldn’t be happier. Plus, the internet offered some gems like this and I saw Dirty Dancing in the theatre with Mama P too, so it’s a thumbs up from me!

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to…

(L-R Sources: Susie Bubble, Emma Gannon, Alice Tate & Emma Watson)

The Podcast:
I’m sure I’ve mentioned Emma’s CTRL ALT DEL here, but in case I haven’t- GO LISTEN. Not only did she interview Lena Bloomin’ Dunham this week, as well as Gillian Anderson, but yours truly got to do a *bonus episode* and we spoke about comparison and being your own boss (and I’m still not sure why Emma wanted me back but do have a listen if ya fancy)! Emma is by far one of the most lovely, exciting, warm and genuine people I know and if you haven’t given her a listen yet, say a sweet goodbye to your Sunday now…

The Must-Reads:
Seeing as it’s Sunday, I’ll start with one of my favourite reads this week, coming from my friend Alice who wrote a wonderful piece for The Pool about slow Sundays and switching off which is all very appropriate (and something I’m going to give a go myself today)- I know how busy this lady is, so it was wonderful taking some tips here. This week I also loved reading the interview Pandora Sykes gave to stylist Martha Ward (another love of mine) during LFW Festival- they discussed blogging, integrity and sponsored content- raising some very important points (and a couple of things I’ve been thinking myself recently). I also loved Sarah Harris and Camille’s conversational piece for Vogue about being an influencer, Emma’s (again) piece on her political awakening (and how it’s important to care) and obviously that Emma Watson Into The Gloss article- because Emma Watson + being nosey !!!

The Blogger:
Well, kind of. I initially read this piece in the IRL version of Grazia, but wanted to hunt it down online as I loved it so much and am a huge fan of Ms Lau. Responding to the infamous US Vogue blogger comments, Susie discusses inclusivity in fashion, the business and commercialisation of blogging and the ‘sphere as a whole.

The YouTube Video:
Although I’ve been doing a bit of uploading myself (~shameless self promo goes here~) it was Louise’s video this week that completely moved me. I’ve been a huge fan of Louise’s for longer than I can remember, but the video she shared on Internation Women’s Day rang so true in so many ways for me. Although I hate to admit it, I’m the first person to dim down any achievements, respond with ‘oh not much’ if someone asks what I’ve been up to and continuously ‘forget’ to tell people pretty cool things in fear of ever sounding braggy, arrogant or flashy (because goodness knows I’d never want to do that). Without being too *spoiler alert* here, Louise talks about how SHOCK HORROR, it’s OK to celebrate how bloody brilliant you are without being billy-big-head and this was one of the most warming, inspirational and go get ’em videos I’ve seen in a while and exactly what the doctor ordered.

Objects of desire:


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