Lifestyle · February 24, 2017

Putting Pen To Paper

One thing I’m sure of in life, is that if this blogging malarky doesn’t work out, opening some kind of W H Smith alternative would be next on my list. Okay, maybe more of a cutesy independent stationary shop (especially if my bedroom ‘greetings card’ drawer has anything to go by) but it seems that one of my main vices in life has to be a good stationary shop- naughty, I know. Anyway! Having never really delved into any of my recent purchases, I thought I’d share some of the latest things I’ve picked up- and the items that would be snazzing up my desk space if I had one…

(Bando calendar, Lollipop notebook, Better Than Yesterday goals book, Cuba Libre nail varnish, Heiho badge, Ooh Deer patches)

Not meaning to get all V-tine’s day up in here, but I couldn’t not share this calendar and accidentally heart themed arrangement. As well as feeling particularly organised this year with this goals journal (which in itself is aesthetically a total delight)- I’ve loved this wee notebook from Lollipop and basically everything Bando put out ever. On top of that, you’re going to see a lot of Ohh Deer coming up and these iron on BFFL patches are the numero uno way of doing ~galentine’s day~ right…

(Sainsburys basket, Design Book, Ohh Deer scissors, tape and pin, Lollipop Planner, HP Sprocket, Cheeky card, Weekly Planner)

With a blog redesign on the horizon, a few of the things I’ve been turning to were sure to pop up here. The first being this awesome book that I picked up in Manchester recently. After spotting it last year (and not quite being able to justify it), it’s been the perfect source of ideas and inspiration when it comes to graphics, typography and colouring. I’ve also loved using my wee HP Sprocket to print out snaps from my phone- be it personal, inspiration to pin up or even things for my scrapbook. Additionally, I couldn’t live without this planner too (which I’ve now repurchased a couple of times) as it makes month by month planning the dream

(Not Another Bill, Ohh Deer cards, Birthday card, Cake card, Bidet card)

Now- let’s talk cards. Oh I bloody love a card I do. Even if there isn’t a birthday or national holiday in sight you can guarantee I’ll pick it up if I like it and pop it in a drawer for safe keeping. There’s nothing like surprising someone with a spontaneous bit of post, and whether that’s a quick thank you or a ‘just because’- I can’t help stocking up. On top of that I’ve recently become a fan of the brilliant service that is Not Another Bill. Delivering a monthly box packed with beautiful treats (often personalised, for any initial lovers out there)- this really is the perfect alternative to any bank reminders or AA insurance notes (plus, their latest range of cards are dreamy too)- how could I not?


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