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The year of travel- from Aus to Africa- as well as some of my favourite ever photos, I hope 2016 brings a small dose of wanderlust (and fashion inspiration if not)!


Bloggers & YouTubers I Love Pt. 1

I don’t often share the blog love on here, but if I’m being honest (and y’know, letting my ego out)- one of the nicest things about blogging is when someone recognises the cool things you’re doing online. It genuinely warms my tiny cold heart to see I’ve been tagged in a post someone has written about blogs they enjoy, or even tweeted with a little thumbs up as to something I’ve posted. The internet can be a good ol’ place sometimes.

So, when I was tagged in a video by the beautiful Mandeville sisters talking about YouTubers you should know about I was genuinely a little taken back. Me? My little channel? The girls picked up everything I wanted people to recognise from my channel and it genuinely spurred me on to write a post sharing the love about some of the girls online currently rocking my boat (with Grace and Amelia obvo going without saying). So without further a ramble…

Sophia Rosemary

If ever I’m need of a little style inspiration, I look no further than this beautiful girl. Living in Manchester and owning a wardrobe cooler than Alex Turner crooning along in shades and a biker- Sophia is one of my favourite people on the ‘nets. Although I’ve not been following her for years, she encompasses everything I love about blogging; beautiful candid style and an incredibly authentic personality. If that ain’t enough she’s also got a cracking music taste (and love of Bowie), dungaree collection and big appreciation of puns (see: musical blog titles)- so if that’s not reason to fall head over heels I don’t know what is.

Follow her blog here + Instagram here

Lucy Moon
Out of all the hundreds of daily uploads (it’s definitely more than that) Lucy’s videos are some I look forward to the most. From beautifully shot ‘arty’ videos tapping into important subjects as well as university advice (every UCAS applicant should be made to watch her vids) and 168 hour vlogs- her dry humour, wit and intelligence is so refreshing and a total pleasure to tune in to. As well as being interesting, cool and damn well articulate, Lucy is also a bloody good singer (I know- is there anything that she can’t do) and I highly recommend you pay her a visit if you haven’t already…

Follow her channel here + Twitter here

In My Sunday Best
I’m constantly on the hunt for bloggers that balance beautiful unique style with great lifestyle content- and Sade from In My Sunday Best does just that. With beautiful outfits, lifestyle and days out posts (which have definitely inspired me to start doing more of the same) and buckets of beautiful inspiration- her blog is a total treat, as well as an Instagram which will have you dying to delve into her wardrobe and travel the world all at once (the perks of following a trend setting architecture student…)!

Follow her blog here + Instagram here

Saranne Huxton
When it comes to lookbooks and beautiful retro inspired tutorials, I absolutely love having a nosey at Saranne’s beautiful channel. With a love of the sixties, Chung and all things retro- her videos feel like miniature Wes Anderson meets Jackie snippets, and that in my opinion can only be a good thing. Oozing nostalgia and girlies- I absolutely love how much fun she has with her styling, tutorials and holiday videos. They feel like a total dream to watch and has definitely inspired me to give the beehive a go again! Head on over!

Follow her channel here + Twitter here

Brittany Bathgate
If I could raid anyone’s wardrobe and ooze the cool of anyone online I’m pretty sure Brittany would be one of the front runners. Although her style could be described as minimal, there’s nothing simple about her creative and Scandi-inspired approach to putting outfits together, and her photographs and looks are absolutely stunning and by far some of my favourite. Although she took a wee break from blogging, I’m excited to follow along her journey in her new home
and see how her beautiful eye translates into interiors.

Follow her blog here + Instagram here


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