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The year of travel- from Aus to Africa- as well as some of my favourite ever photos, I hope 2016 brings a small dose of wanderlust (and fashion inspiration if not)!

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Girl Crush #16: Whinnie Williams

Whinnie Williams has got that girl next door style in a seriously Suzy Bishop kind of way. With her kohl lined doe eyes and Bardot style waves- she fuses a retro kind of sixties glamour in a modern way that only fusing Bills, Bills, Bills and Le Temps De L’amour could prove. With a sparkly new E.P, a portfolio of stunning music videos and some of the most covetable style I’ve seen (without mentioning her pooch, Brian)- Whinnie Williams is a name you should know. I caught up with Ms. Williams to talk song writing, outfit building and the best friends who keep her inspired…

Whinnie! For those of you that haven’t heard your music before- could you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a singer song writer from London with a love for pets and the 70’s.

How did you first get into creating music, did you grow up in a musical household?

I used to write little poems when I was really little, then at 17 I got into my first band at school. I managed to persuade them to write me some chords to put my lyrics to and that was where it all began. No one in my family does music of art, so it was quite a journey trying to get into the music industry. I was lucky to stumble upon the right managers and writers.

So, how did you discover your sound?

It’s taken a while really. I’ve always loved Soul and Motown and how Hip Hop artists sample tracks, so I started doing mixtapes and that really got me writing and finding my sound.

Where do you seek inspiration for in song writing? Do you base things on experience, or is it a chance to get creative and imagine a story?

It’s always a mix. I’m quite visual, so like watching movies to come up with ideas. Driving always helps me think of lyrics too.

As well as your gorgeous tracks, you do a lot of amazing covers- I’m not sure there’s many people that could fuse Destiny’s Child and Francoise Hardy- how do you get ideas for them?

Haha thanks! I have great producers and they understand my love of new and old. In general, I will come with a few songs I like and they try to make them work musically.

On top of that- the visuals alongside your music are beautiful, I’m getting serious Wes Anderson vibes! What inspires the music videos and the cinematographic feel?

My boyfriend is a director which is the best thing ever. I love a really slick stylised look so we work together on the details and try and find references for them. I am a freak for attention to detail!

You have an amazing eye for personal style and have such a defined ‘60s-esque look- what inspires the way you dress, is there anyone in particular who’s style inspires yours? I bet your wardrobe is insane!

I love the 60’s and 70’s, so always gravitate towards those shapes and colours. I also love textures but quite simple chic styling and hate too much accessorising. Clean and simple with a mad base. I have a few key interesting pieces in my wardrobe that I like to team with high street.

If you could tell 16-year-old you anything, what advice would you give? Is there anything you would say to other girls looking to break into the music industry?

I’d say it’s gonna be a long hard journey, but make fun moments, create beautiful things and don’t worry about people’s opinions!

Being the feature focus I have to ask- who are your girl crushes, are there any women you particularly admire?

My best friend @Sprankentein (on Instagram) she’s an illustrator who is really fit and draws amazing stuff for people from ASOS to Kygo. Also my best mate Zara Martin. She is a goddess and so ambitious- check her out for her impeccable style!

Finally, what’s next for Whinnie- I’m desperate to catch you live!

I’ll be putting out more music, shooting videos and more live shows!

‘Real Damn Bad’ is the hawwwwt new single from Whinnie Williams (which is out now). You can watch the video here, shop it here and follow Whinnie here &here.

Also! If you fancy some dreamy Figaro action yourself (it’s for hire for road trips and weddings)- check it out here too!


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