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Valentine’s Treats For Cheats

…Obviously not in the literal sense, in the kitchen-cutting-corners sense, duh

Now, I’m not sure about you, but any excuse to indulge in chocolate, sponge and call it ‘romance’ is a day to celebrate in my opinion. Don’t tell Joe, but that’s possibly the main reason I get excited about the big 1-4 of this month- ssh! On top of that, we both take any excuse to indulge in a slice of something delicious- so if it takes less than 25 minutes all the better, right? Anyway, to continue on with the #ICakeYou Betty Crocker campaign- I thought I’d pop together (cough, well…) something ridiculously easy once more, and pretty damn effective at impressing (be it a doting date, girlfriends or just your rumbling tummy)! Valentine’s ain’t just about boyfriends y’know- and these chocolate slices make for perfect partners to anything starring Jennifer Aniston, Hugh Grant or Colin Firth. Just sayin’…

You will need:

– 1 x Packet Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake mix
– 1 x Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge icing
– 3 Eggs
– 250ml Water

– 6tbs Vegetable Oil
– Chopped Strawberries
– Edible flower petals (I went for a couple of dried rose petals)
– Pinch of seasalt
– No time at all

…and let’s get going!

1. Now, things are about to get easy again. Preheat your oven to 160 degrees (fan assisted), and then put everything (bar the strawberries, petals and salt) into a bowl, give it a good ol’ mix- pop it in a ready greased tin or dish (you can easily make this as a double sponge)- and cook it for 25 minutes (or until a skewer comes out clean). It’s that easy.

2. Once your cake has cooled, sweep over a thick layer of chocolate fudge icing and finish with a sprinkle of salt, some chopped strawberries- and anything else you fancy on top! Then, curl up, tuck in and have a seriously sweet Valentines. Or, galentines, ahem!

Post in collaboration with Betty Crocker, but love of quick delicious cakes, chocolate and lurve lurve lurve all my own!


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