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The year of travel- from Aus to Africa- as well as some of my favourite ever photos, I hope 2016 brings a small dose of wanderlust (and fashion inspiration if not)!


The Ready-For Anything Beauty Go-To

Are you ready for anything?

With a New Year, comes new goals- bet you haven’t heard that one yet (ahem)! So far I’ve not been great at getting my full 8 hours (who has time when there’s books to read and series’ to catch up on)? Have fallen victim to eating far too much banana bread- and haven’t gotten overly fit (or, erm, fit at all). But- hear me out, I’m still willing to give anything a go! So, after being introduced to Clinique’s pretty amazing and refreshing new eye cream (which aims to hydrate, moisturise, cool and brighten tired peepers), and appropriately goes under the name ‘Pep Start’ (with the tagline ‘are you ready for anything’)- my gal Carrie and I were invited to take part in one of three Clinique challenges, showing we were ready for anything and getting all independent woman #ImIn all up in here!

With a big day ahead and after trialing (and loving) Pep Start in the lead up to our challenge, Carrie and I were surprised in West London with a day of cookie icing in one of my favourite London boutiques, Biscuiteers. Although it certainly wasn’t the most grueling of tasks (there’s certainly something quite therapeutic about icing cookies and giggling away with a pal)- being unprepared is always a little daunting, so with the help of Pep Start (there’s something about 6am starts that just don’t cut it- but this gal thankfully had fresh eyes)- we were ready to settle in and try our hand at icing (clue: we certainly weren’t experts).

Now, the product. Although I’ve chatted a little about it above, after using it each morning before make up (it’s a great fix for tired morning eyes first thing) it’s undoubtedly grown to become something I struggle to start the day without (much like my trusty bowl of porridge). The charm is, however, that it can be applied throughout the day above make up (without moving anything) to keep your eyes hydrated, puff-free and bright (plus, it’s nice and light so doesn’t need hours to absorb), which is a winner in my eyes (pardon the pun)!

Now, the fun part! Clinique are asking all you lovely readers to join in, tag your friends and share your very own #ImIn challenge to be in with a chance to win your own amazing experience. Tag any tweets, Instagrams with the #ImIn hashtag, and you could be in with the chance of winning a make-up session with Clinique’s Global Colour Pro- Florrie White, a day husky sledging with a friend or hot air balloon ride with a friend. Terms and conditions apply, see full details here. Not bad for a cheeky tweet and snap, right?

You can also check out my ‘Day In The Life’ video to see more of what we got up to below!

Post in collaboration with Clinique, but love of looking perky, biscuits and hanging out with friends all my own. Tweet Clinique here, check out their Instagram here and follow along with their #ImIn hashtag here.


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