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Defining Summer Moments

Summer is bloody amazing, isn’t it? If it isn’t the smell of freshly cut grass, open-toe and bare leg weather being a legit ‘thing’, golden hour basically being golden two hours and the smell of BBQ’s wafting through Zone 6 that has you at hello, then maybe it’s impromptu seaside visits, picnics in the park (‘THE GRASS IS DRY! THE GRASS IS DRY!’) and a scour in some vintage shops that will. To celebrate the launch of a power Frappuccino trio, I’ve paired up with Starbucks to take you along to some of my favourite defining moments of summer, along with the help of their Java Chip, Lemon Vanilla and Coffee Jelly drinks- because hey, when the weather is so good, what better way to quench your thirst?

Let’s go to the beach…

Living on our little island, there’s plenty of seaside options to turn to when the weather plays its cards right. Whether it means turning up at Victoria station and picking the next fastest train to the coast, or filling up your petrol tank and heading south (or, y’know- roping in a friend with a license), there’s nothing I enjoy more than a trip to the beach. Whether it’s a city I’ve visited countless times but never tire of (Brighton, I’m looking at you)- or a new destination filled with discoveries- the feel of stones (or, if you’re lucky, sand) against your toes and the smell of vinegary chips is pretty unbeatable.

Picnic in the park…

The pleasure of a picnic, is that you can have one absolutely anywhere. Raining? Call in the troops (armed with drinks and snacks) and spread out on the living room floor like it’s the middle of the Kent countryside. Scorching? Pack a blanket, venture to the nearest green space, arm yourself with treats (and maybe a frisbee) and while the afternoon away. The nice thing about a picnic, is that they’re such a summer cliche for a reason- they’re failsafe, and the perfect way of indulging in good company- huzzah!

Gettin’ second hand…

Regardless of the weather (what is it with British people and the weather)- hitting second hand, charity, or vintage stores is one of my favourite summer past times (actually, tell a porkie, I love it all year). Not only are places stacked high with cut-off Levi’s, embroidered folk blouses and enough summer dresses to send even the most controlled shopper into a tizz- there’s something extremely satisfying about discovering a one-off hidden gem, and celebrating with a fashion parade sans-tights. Other rain proof favourites include museums (and often don’t cost a penny), checking out new exhibitions and visiting the cinema and sharpening up your film knowledge!

Post in collaboration with Starbucks, but love for Fraapuccino’s, the seaside and talking about the weather all my own.


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