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5 Artists I’m Currently Loving…

I love…Cardboard Cities

Let’s just put it out there- I love Laura. Her art and collages are absolutely beautiful- and it makes me wish I’d been a bit more creative with a Prit stick and this Ok! magazines when I was younger. Not only are her illustrations and patterns vibrant, original and completely wonderful (if this girl ever brings out a wallpaper range, I will be front of the line to buy it)- but her collages and mixed media pieces are so artful and well created- that it’s hard to not do a little supermarket sweep of her cards, notebooks and prints every time I visit her shop- so do pay a visit!

Jenni Sparks Illustrator

I love…Jenni Sparks

After spotting her hilarious Jeremy Kyle t shirt a couple of years ago (and subsequently picking up a couple- this girl is a fan of a certain 9:25am chat show), I became pretty obsessed with the humour and detail of Jenni Sparks’ illustrations- and that was before I discovered her amazing map work this year. Creating hand drawn maps encompassing every detail of the cities she draws, I was lucky enough to get my mitts on her Parisian version, and not a moment goes by where I don’t walk out of the house and stop and discover something new about it- this lady has serious skill!

Oh Gosh Cindy

I love…Oh Gosh Cindy

Now, Cindy’s work had me at hello. Her illustrations are the kind you impulsively fall in love with, and then realise you need at least one of everything before you’re totally satisfied. Not only are her celebrity watercolour portraits nothing short of genius (she covers everything from Kim K, Queen B, Haim and Mary Berry)- but she creates prints, t-shirts, phone cases et al- and they’re bloody amazing. Unfortunately she’s shut shop for a wee while (boo! Hiss!), but definitely browse her Tumblr- as I know you’ll want to pick something up! The DREAM.

Emma Block Illustrator
I love…Emma Block

Okay, I’m biased (she’s the lady behind my blog illustrations)- but Emma is truly brilliant. Whether she’s busy illustrating children’s books, Orla Kiely presentations or recipe books- this lady is always creating something new, feminine and beautiful, and her watercolour and pencil illustrations are some of my complete favourites (with her Sun Jellies piece currently stealing my heart). Inspired by people she meets, vintage and 1950’s illustrations (Emma also creates an ‘icons’ series of drawings which I’m collecting)- this is one busy, and exceptionally talented woman.

Sighh Designs

I love…Sighh

If you’re a fan of beautiful calligraphy, cheeky quotes and fantastic stationary- you’ve come to the right place. I only discovered Polly in the last couple of weeks, but had to turn on ultimate self control in order to not purchase every phone case she makes (this one is THE cutest thing) as well as hundreds of notebooks and stickers. With honest (and pretty hilario) designs based on the interest of teenagers her age (at 19, she’s kicking serious ass)- all designs change regularly, meaning you gotta get snapping up whilst they are there! Next on my list is this cheeky pencil case…

Other arty humans I’ve been loving…

Oh No Rachio | Louise Byng | Hello Harriet | Mister Peebles | Ella Masters | Nina Cosford | Paige Joanna 

Also stay tuned- for an independent brands post I have coming up too- featuring jewellery, clothing and other lovely home bits!


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