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25 Before 25

Although next month I turn 22, I figured I’d need a little more than 12 months before I complete a lot of the things I’d like to on my ’25 before 25′ list. See it as a bit of an epic (and perhaps over-ambitious) ‘to do’ list, which will perhaps encourage me to get my bottom in gear every now and again and get out there! Some things are definitely more achievable than others (put it this way, I’m more likely to drink more water than write a book)- but a girl’s gotta dream, right?

1. Get a tattoo
After deliberating this for the last couple of years, I think I’m almost set on what I’d like. I won’t say too much (because I’ll probably change my mind)- but it’s only something teeny, but something I’d like to definitely have done! Joe and I have spoken about getting something when we’re in New York this summer, so that could definitely be an option…

2. Save up. A lot.
Whether that’s for the one day ‘big day’, a little pad (or a shed in London), a bit of travelling or even just because- I’d like to be a little more regimented with my saving- even if it’s just for a rainy day, because the cold hard truth is that I really don’t need another button up skirt.

3. See some more of the US!
My family and I spoke about this earlier this year (in light of a couple of big family birthdays in the next couple of years)- and decided we’d love to do a mini road trip in the U.S- which is pretty blooming exciting! I’d love to see Palm Springs and Salvation Mountain (and have also never been to LA)- so would love to tick some more U.S destinations off of my list!

4. Do a run- and not just for the bus…
It probably won’t be a marathon (although wouldn’t that be amazing)- but to be able to run more than just for the train- would be something I’d love to achieve. There’s talks of me doing a little something next month in London (which I hope to do for charity too)- so watch this space!

5. Give savoury cooking a better shot (and improve my recipes)!
I love cooking. It’s no secret, but sadly my #bakewithliv hashtag doesn’t get half as much use as I’d like it too, and I’d love to become a better cook. From savoury dishes, new recipes and tastier cakes- I’d love to improve on my culinary skills in the next few years. Whether that’s investing in lessons, or just taking more kitchen time- it’s on the agenda!

6. Learn do DJ (no lols, ok)
This has been something I’ve mentioned to a few people in the past, and it’s something I’d love to to. I doubt I’ll ever be DJing on the White Isle (the thought alone makes me belly laugh a little)- but to be able to learn a new skill and incorporate something I’m so passionate about (music) would be pretty amazing.

7. Become a yoga queen
Or something like that ; ) mainly because I need to get a bit fitter, and it seems like something achievable I could perhaps start practising at home, soooo….

8. Bloody catch up on Game of Thrones (and Breaking Bad)

You have about 3 years Liv that should be enough. Just stop getting distracted and do it. Winter has come (and gone, and come again).

9. Continue to put time into my blog
… and try, if only a little, to nuture it and help it grow. I’m not business minded and I don’t have a strategy behind my place on the internet- but if I can keep putting the love that I am into it now, then I’ll be a happy lady.

10. Learn a new skill
… or perfect something you love doing. be it photography to cooking, try and really excel at something- and enjoy doing it more in your spare time- you don’t always need to be on Twitter Liv, just saying.

11. Perfect my blog layout and archives
Hopefully this will be done by the end of this year- and in light of my blogs 5th birthday- what better way to celebrate!

12. Rinse my Young Persons railcard
I am lucky enough to have the little card of happiness in my purse that is my YP railcard. It gives me 1/3 off of UK train travel- and when it expires when I’m 25 I hope to be able to say that I truly took advantage of it and saw as much of the UK (at a slightly discounted rate) that I could!

13. In a dream world, it’d be ‘have enough for a mortgage’
– so maybe I’ll pop this on here for optimisms sake (and to maybe remind myself that maybe I don’t need that handbag) because one day it’d be nice to have somewhere that was totally mw own. But again- it’s nice to dream big!

14. Go on a girlie holiday!
I’m lucky enough to have a handful of fantastic girlfriends, and I’d love to be able to go on a girlie holiday with them. Maybe not all together at once, but to go on some ‘out out’ nights and make some more special memories. SOPPINESS OVER.

15. Write. A lot more.
Because that’s why I started this blog and I love doing it.

16. Take a ballet class
Mainly because I think my 5 year old self would appreciate me giving it another shot as a fully grown adult (and without having to drag my nan on to the dance floor with me), plus after seeing The Nutcracker last year, I felt very inspired to give it a shot!

17. Go strawberry picking!
Pretty self explanatory!

18. Host a supper club
Even if it was once every month for a few friends- being able to learn to cook different meals and courses, and then share them with the people I love sounds like a great idea- and gives the perfect excuse for catching up!

19. Eat my way around Italy (or, EATALY)
I’m desperate to see more of the country, and anyone that knows me knows how much I cherish pasta, meat, bread and pizza (although, undeniably, there is more to Italy than that)- so can you possibly imagine a better holiday? Nope, I can’t either…

20. Worry less
Another one that pretty much explains itself- but something that can help make life so much easier. Worry be gone!

21. Drink more water
– ultimate to do list, right?

22. Pass my driving test
My wonderful (and perhaps overly generous) instructor said that I could be at test level by the Autumn (for a girl who’s manoeuvres are better than her driving that’s probably saying something)- so I’d love to be mooching about in a car by then! Bring on British seaside road trips a plenty!

23. Have a day of playing tourist in my own city
Considering I’ve never been to Buckingham Palace or the Houses of Parliament, I’d love to take a day out to go full on tourist in London. Whether that’s doing an open top bus, posing for photographs in Leicester Square (okay, I’m only joking there)- or eating at Angus Steak House (again, another porkie)- I’d love to take a day and properly discover London!

24. Write a book
It may never be published, it may be a story, or it may be a guide- but I’d love to write enough by the time I’m 25 to have something worthy of having the word ‘book’ put to it. Be it a zine, novel or anything else, how amazing would that be?

25. Be excited for the future
and enjoy every moment! Life is short, precious and exciting- so make the most of it with the special ones around you.


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    January 9, 2018 at 8:26 am

    Loved this post – it was really thoughtful and made me want to make one of these too x

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