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A year full time and city guides a-plenty, my first venture into YouTube and a baby puppy addition- 2014 was an exciting one!


Meet Maggie…

Hello internet, meet Maggie- the newest addition to the Purvis family.

Having driven to Faversham just over 2 weeks ago to pick her up during the early days of Autumn (when it was still okay to have bare legs and take your coat off when the sun was out), Maggie has quickly become a big part of our family, and has secured her place the fluffiest little ray of sunshine and mischievous little missus we could wish for (which may, or may not, be the most cute-sy sentence I have ever strung together)- and we all love her a lot.

Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did
Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did

In the short time she’s been living in our home she has taught us so much, and it certainly hasn’t been a walk in the park (literally, as she’s still not had all of her injections- hohoho) and if we’ve learnt one thing- having a puppy is pretty hard work. We certainly didn’t expect otherwise, and I’m not entirely sure what having a small baby is like, but I’m quite sure (and my mum assures me) it’s not all that different. It’s a lot of late nights, I’ve seen the earlier side of 5:45 more times in the last few weeks than I care to elaborate on (and have the sassy eye bags for proof) and trust me when I say I leave out the more glamorous aspects of my life (i.e cleaning up dog wee/poop) on Instagram for a very valid reason. But it’s also the most wonderful and rewarding thing seeing your little one build a bond, respond to commands, and bury their head in for a cuddle- as well as cherish all the mutual love you have to share- which makes up for it ten times over.

Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did
Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did

I’m thinking of doing a more detailed post about things to think of if you’re thinking of getting a little pup, as I could definitely go on and on- but I thought I’d introduce you to the little lady currently consuming my photostream- I also thought I’d share these pictures the lovely Amber took whilst coming over last Saturday for tea, cake and lots of puppy time- as she’s a pretty special little pup (and Amber has some pretty special skills)!

Do you have any puppy tips I should know? Answers on a postcard as I’m still learning how to be the best puppy-mama I can be!

Amber Rose Photography What Olivia Did


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