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Daily Skincare Routine

Beauty Cupboard Favourites

If there’s one thing I want to start talking about on my blog a little more, it’s what goes on in my make up bag and bathroom cabinet. Not literally of course (wouldn’t that make for some mundane content)- but more so the things I turn to day in, day out- and a little more about my beauty routine (I’ve also noticed a few of you asking for it, so that makes it totally justifiable, right?) Anyway! Today I thought I’d put together a little step-by-step of my daily skincare routine and the products I’ve been using pretty religiously of late. I do tend to dive in and out of new moisturisers, toners and the like- but these are a few things that have been staying pretty put, and from experience do a pretty top job at that too!

Garnier Micellar Water

Get it off!

Before I do anything, I turn to the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to get off the brunt of my make up. This little bottle of goodness came to my rescue when my Bioderma ran out, and in my opinion does a pretty identical job to it’s French buddy. On top of that, I’m a girl that tends to pile on the liner, mascara and lip stain- so having a product that can remove them all hassle free is pretty blooming important too!

Deep Pore Decongesting Solution Clarisonic

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!

Deep cleansing time! Although I am a huge fan of a certain Ms Earle’s Cleanse and Polish (come on, who isn’t), when I’ve been using my Deep Pore Decongesting Solution from Clarisonic lately, I’ve been using the Daily Cleanser that comes included- which has been pretty impressive if I do say so myself (and I’m someone that’s usually a little cautious of this kind of thing too). Being someone that suffers with visible pores, and wearing a pretty thick foundation, I usually worry that it’s not all gone after cleansing- hence why this is such a cool kit. I know it’s not the cheapest product in the world, but it’s something I definitely recommend investing in- and will indefinitely guarantee all the nasties are gone.

Lush Eau Roma Water

Time to tone!

Following that- I will usually pop on a bit of this Lush Eau Roma toner – which is super refreshing and hydrating, and helps with any redness or dryness that I’m having (plus gets rid of any stray make up- which should definitely have gone by this point)!

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Now for some TLC…

Finally! If I’m not turning to my daily moisturiser (which at the moment has been the Clinique Superdefense– which smells amazing and is wonderfully light) I’ll use my Kiehl’s Midnight Recover Concentrate, which ensures any spots are kept at bay, and prevents my dryness-prone forehead from shrivelling up (not really, but it’s super nourishing and does an ace job at keeping things balanced- plus you only need about 3 drops, so lasts a lifetime).

I hope you enjoyed this little beauty insert on the ‘ol blog- if you’ve read this far- congrats! Clarisonic have ever so kindly offered one of you lovely people your own Deep Pore Decongesting Solution to win- all you have to do is pop me a little comment below letting me know you’d like to win one, and I’ll select a winner at random on Saturday 14th June- sadly it’s UK entrants only, but I’ll be sure to plan a global giveaway soon!


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