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A year full time and city guides a-plenty, my first venture into YouTube and a baby puppy addition- 2014 was an exciting one!

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When Olivia Saw: Warpaint

When at a Warpaint gig there’s two things you’re likely to find yourself doing.

1. The indefinite likelihood you’ll find yourself wishing you were Theresa, and pondering where on earth she picked up that cool waistcoat (and for that matter, why you’re not cool enough to pull a waistcoat off)

2. Getting completely lost in their music and singing a little louder than any other gig goer there. I’m a big fan ok- and spelling Billie Holiday out loud is far more fun than it sounds on paper.

Either way, it’ll be amazing- and if you don’t leave wishing you had the skill set to play the drums, guitar and bass guitar and could sing as part of a Californian based girl quartet, then you’ve probably been in the wrong place for the last hour- but that’s ok, I’m here to fill you in on that part.

Warpaint Liverpool Academy

Opening with ‘Keep it Healthy’ and continuing on to play a selection of new album songs such as ‘Love is to die’, ‘Disco/Very’, ‘Feeling Alright’ and ‘Hi’- they’re songs that even when heard for the first time, or new fresh from a new record sound just as familiar and assertive as anything you’ve heard a hundred times over from them, proving they’ve only gotten better with time- big high five girls.

Saying that, inevitable highlights came from ‘Undertow’ and ‘Elephants’- acting as perfect displays of the girls haunting and hypnotic vocals and arguable proof that these ladies are so in sync with one another you’d be surprised to hear they couldn’t read each others minds. This may as well be an open jam session for all we know- they’re pretty bloody on it.

Finishing on Elephants (one of the first Warpaint songs I ever heard)- the whole set felt completely special and intimate- just make sure you don’t find yourself yelping ‘I’ll break your heeeart’ in public places- not everyone wants to be Emily Kokal as much as you ok.

Warpaint Liverpool Academy

If you do nothing else listen to:
– Undertow – Elephants – Billie Holiday – Keep It Healthy –


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