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Pentax q7 Days Of Colour…

Now- I might be a bit of a techie novice at the best of times, but if there’s one thing I’m happy to test again and again it’s a new camera- flash, huh? It was one of the things I loved most about A Level photography- the playing around with new gadgets, and learning how to use them to create something really beautiful (no fingers in the corners of these snaps)! Anyway, a few weeks ago now I took part in Pentax’s blogger ‘Q7 Weeks of colour’ campaign– an awesome project to trial their new compact Q7 Camera and put all of it’s amazing settings to good use, on well- all things colour (which definitely made me realise there’s a lot of pretty flowers going at the moment)…

London Phone Boxes and Bus

Pink Macarons

The Blue Cock
Having popped the camera in my handbag (this camera is super teeny, so I can happily throw it in anything- plus it has a detachable lens) I made my way around London during the week and got snapping. It’s a funny thing really- when you know you have to keep your eyes open and on the look out for certain colours or themes, you begin to appreciate what’s around you a lot more. It’s like when people say that Londoners walk about looking at their feet- the moment you look above you, you’re surrounded by the most blinding architecture and everything comes to a life a little more. Beats chewing gum smattered pavements, right?


Lina Stores

Purple and Indigo Pansies

Yellow Flower
So, after taking this little one for a trial- I can safely say (after muddling myself up with the settings a bit) it’s a pretty top camera. Not only is it super handy and easy to carry about, offers filming (o hai vloggers), has a selection of amazing settings based on what you’re shooting (e.g it has a ‘blue sky’ setting for vibrance, macro settings, food settings and even one for sunset- impressive, non?)- and is the perfect camera for beginners- and people looking to advance into something a little more than a typical digital compact. Plus- you can customise the colour you can- fancy a pink vintage inspired digital number? Look no further. It’s not quite my Canon, but for days out and exploring- it’s certainly something I’ll be bringing out with me again- good job Pentax!


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