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A year full time and city guides a-plenty, my first venture into YouTube and a baby puppy addition- 2014 was an exciting one!


The year ahead…

This time last year I was setting my new years goals, and amazingly- looking back, I was able to stick to them (massive claps for Liv). They weren’t your typical ‘tone up and look like Miranda Kerr’ (goodness I tried) or ‘eat less of what you truly like’- but things that I felt were actually achievable (looking after my skin and decorating a poster covered bedroom- both of which I stuck to). To make things easier this year, Lloyds Bank have just launched a Facebook app called “Make it Happen in 2014”, where lovely people are encouraged to share their goals for the New Year on their timelines- meaning it’s a whole lot easier to get inspired by others this year!

There’s no doubt that sticking to things are hard (I’m renown for turning the 30 Day Shred into the 5 Day Shred), but with a bit of perspective and a lot of determination I’m pretty sure anything is possible (#notstolenfrompinterest). When it came to visualising the final product (a room which actually reflected my 20 year old self, and not the 14 year old loving Bring Me The Horizon fan) everything seemed to become easier- and I was able to map things out, keep to time scales and get things done.

Here’s a few things I’m hoping to get achieving this year- wish me luck!

Venture into Youtube: Really Liv? You hadn’t mentioned. After talking about it for what feels like forever I’m hoping to sit down in front of a camera (hopefully in the former part of this year) and have a good old natter (or y’know show you how I do my ‘hive). Plucking up the courage is the main thing here, and after checking my camera can create an internet worthy video (it can) I’m nearly ready to go.

Food Little Paris Kitchen
Try more food: Although this mainly applies to my cooking and baking skills (a new dish every couple of weeks), which I’m hoping to extend, I wouldn’t mind being a bit braver when hitting new restaurants. I have a constant fear of doing a ‘Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly’ when trying new foods- but after trying Mexican (and surviving) I’m ready to branch out.

Travel more: After a spot of globe trotting last year, I think I have a bit of a taste for the travel bug. Funnily enough, after snapping this picture I noticed the incredible British Airways sale, and now am pretty sure something needs to be booked (y’know after I’ve saved)- I want to be a part of it!

Diaries and pens
Get designing: I can’t work out if I’m proud or ashamed to be the only blogger to not change their layout in the last 3 years (I get attached, ok) but I’m pretty sure this is the year ‘WOD’ (fancy) get’s a little bit of a facelift and a little flasher- because ain’t that what all the cool cats are doing nowadays?

Pulp FictionWatch more films: Specifically, ones I haven’t seen. I’m determined to watch more cult favourites, the IMDB top however-many- and resist opting for a film I’ve seen 5 times before when I have the time. This means a little less Hugh Grant and a little more Quentin by the looks of things.

Also- did I mention there’s an iPad air (16gb wifi only) you can win too (yes, you heard right)? Hop on over to the Lloyds Bank ‘Make it Happen’ app to pledge a goal on Facebook and then leave a comment below to enter the prize draw- easy right?

The prize draw is open to UK residents only and all entries must be in by midnight on February 6th, 2014 with one winner selected at random. For full terms and conditions please click HERE.


Post in partnership with Lloyds Bank- but hey, I’d still love to achieve these.

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