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With magazine placements on the side, 2013 was the last year I juggled blogging as a side gig. Things get a bit girlier in the style department too, with a lorra love for the sixties and a 'hive!

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Festive Favourites

Over the past few weeks I’ve acquired a few treasures and treats which I’ve been loving, all of which have started to get me into a bit of a festive mood (as of yesterdays it’s less than a month so I am allowed to say that)! From foodie favourites, beauty indulgences, a few favourite books and some other cute items- these bits have been brightening up afternoons on the wintry lead up, and on top of that- I’m certain all of them would make pretty excellent Christmas gifts too- the Lindsey Kelk book being mine to you! If you head below you’ll find all the details, but see it as an early Christmas read from one of my favourite authors…

As well as naughty hot chocolates past 8pm (I am stunned at how truly delicious the Weight Watchers one is) drinking tea which literally smells like Christmas is another favourite festive past time. This little bundle from Tea Pigs is certainly ticking the boxes, and makes a welcome change from my Earl Grey (and if you’re that way inclined, the packet also encourages an addition of Brandy- ooer)!

Christmas Reads
I actually received Emily Schuman’s book for Christmas last year, and have found myself reaching for it for cute styling tips, recipe ideas and homey things (basically everything I want my blog to be- le sigh)! It’s incredibly inspiring, and much like this Mollie Makes book (which is perfect for a more DIY Christmas) offers some really useful tips for this time of year. Additionally, it’s no secret as to how much of a fan I am of the lovely Lindsey Kelk and I am SO excited to read Angela’s newest adventure in I Heart Christmas– read on to get your hands on a signed copy too!

Festive Make Up Favourites
You say Christmas I say? Glitter! Duh. Why else would I dress my nails in Model’s Own’s new (and green glittery) cocktail scented nail polishes (I know, they’re as amazing as they sound)? And the Topshop gold face glitter? That’s pretty amazing too (I wore it to a Reflektors gig and felt right at home). Additionally, can we talk about the new Anna Sui x ASOS collection for a moment? I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many beautiful (inside and out) pieces ever- just LOOK at the Minnie Mouse Lipstick. On top of that, as ever, the Katy Perry falsies from Eyelure are my absolute favourite lashes- and I’m starting to stock up for the odd Christmas party! On top of that, the Christmas edition of Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, may be the most moisturising treat ever (and perfect stocking filler)- with this adorable Andrea Garland bunny ring being the moisture go to for my lips (it’s filled with lip balm don’t cha know!)

She & Him Christmas Album
I’ve been trying to wait until December to even consider opening this playlist, but my Spotify Christmas playlist may have had a small play whilst doing the washing up last weekend, and since then I’m having trouble thinking about anything else. With She & Him’s album being one of my go-to’s during this period- I’ve also added in some other serious choooonz- it’s all yours here. Please send your Christmas song recommendations too!

Camera Stamp French Badge
Finally, a couple of adorable knick-knacks I couldn’t leave out. Firstly, is this camera stamp from Tiger Lilly Quinn which is the perfect way of literally putting your stamp on cards and letters (or just customizing everything you own) and cute as a button. Finally, I had to include this badge from Ginger Pickle. I’ve been meaning to include it in a striped top-and-red-lips outfit, but having been a little busy haven’t been able to. Instead I thought I’d show you here, and encourage you to check out her other gorgeous badges of similar chic nature (we’re talking daschund necklaces, Breaking Bad brooches and everything in between).

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