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A year of fewer questionable outfit choices, I finally found my blogging groove in 2012, and here you can find some favourite pieces, band interviews as they first appeared and a lot of hats too...

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What Olivia Did in 2012…

(From the bottom: Snow, my first ever internship at Company, my first fashion week with Cosmo, taking a tourist bus around the capital, meeting the Queen!, first business cards, meeting LIDYA, filimg the Dahlia summer film with some amazing ladies, Field day with my best lady, turning 19 and afternoon tea, appearing in Company, Lounge on the Farm fest, Jazmine’s surprise birthday, Paris with Joe, appaearing on the DP and Miss Selfridge home pages (wtf?!), interviewing Miss Healey, Olympics excitement, endless Whistles fun, taking my brother to his first Reading festival, trips to Leeds, PPQ at LFW, Festival number 6, assisting on shoots, winning my second Cosmo award <3, trips with my main blogging bffls, out-takes lols, speaking at Cambridge, meeting my childhood sweetheart, my Lionheart pages, seeing Bon Iver, raising dollar for an amazing tash cause, big purchase of the year (first pay cheque!), my big things for 2013, interviewing Lucy Rose, visiting Laura Ashley archives, becoming obsessed with burgers, hanging out with Miss Cohen in Liverpool, a real byline, decorating my room, family Christmas and festive fun!)

If anything, a yearly review is the perfect excuse to indulge in the fact my blog is called What Olivia Did- as, well I can tell you what exactly I got up to all in the name of my blog- AMAZING right?! Okay, maybe not. But it’s a nice chance to reflect on a pretty busy year and get all gushy on you guys. Correct.

2012 has been a year filled with more experiences than I could have possibly imagined, it’s had it’s highs, and certainly it’s lows- but I’ve come out the other end feeling stronger and more appreciative of everything around me. This year has taught me how important in life it is to appreciate what we have, and the people that are genuinely important. I spend a huge percentage of my life aiming to be a people-pleaser, worrying about things that are frightfully daft, but this year I’ve realised not everyone will always like you- and that’s fine. I know not to focus on the people that aren’t important, and count my lucky stars that I have people in my life who do care, a friendship group that’s out of this world, and this Christmas meant I’ve never been so grateful to have the people I do have around.

One thing, that has bought me more adventures with some of the most incredible people has been my little blog, something I don’t thank my followers enough for.Thanks to you, the people that read this crazy little hangout- I have been able to go further with my blog than I’d ever have hoped. This year bought trips to Wales and Lounge on the Farm festival, the theatre, writing for Cosmopolitan at LFW, the Cosmopolitan and Company blog awards (where I swooped another gong – or something like that- YOU GUYS), it took me to London Fashion week for a second season (but this time on my own), it forced me to buck up a bloomin’ large amount of confidence to talk at Cambridge University (nope, still can’t believe that one…), interview some of my favourite ladies across both music and television and helped me secure a year of interning, and now a position as a grown up freelancer. Jeepers. I certainly need to start saying thank you more- and this is definitely a start. SO THANK YOU. I really really couldn’t have done it without you -sending a million cyber hugs to you all-! I honestly appreciate every single comment, click, tweet, like- what have you and am continuously humbled by your support and kindness. T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U and have a crackin’ New Year, like you deserve (going on Nessa on you…)

(Some of my fave get-ups from this year…)

Here’s to another year of fully fledged blogging, being grateful and grabbing life by the metaphorical horns and having an amazing time(and maybe a tattoo at that…sorry nan!) Below I’ve plonked in a couple of go get ’em quotes I hope to abide by in the New Year! Have a great one!

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