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5 Minutes With: Charlotte Rutherford

If there’s one thing that I like as much as finding a new band, or even a cool shop on Esty it’s finding a new artist. Having taken A Level Photography myself, the satisfaction of finding someone with a real spark, and whose images tell a real story is second to none. So, when I came across the gorgeous Charlotte Rutherford I was sure I’d hit the jackpot. Her photo’s epitomize everything I love about photography; the perfect lighting, the angles, the colours and the fact they tell a story- something that’s definitely hard to come by. Not only does this girl ooze talent, but she takes the most beautiful self portraits- making her darn gorgeous too! I caught up with Charlotte to talk the countryside, Egon Schiele and finding the perfect location…
Hey Charlotte! For those who don’t know much about you, tell us a little about yourself…
Allo! Well, not too much to say about myself but im an English girl who takes a lot of photos! I like platypus’ & seahorses and dancing and bands like the charlatans and actresses from the 1920’s. ๐Ÿ™‚

What started off your love for photography?

This is really difficult because I can never really remember, I used to draw people a lot and so I started to photograph myself to draw from the photos…but the drawings were rubbish so I thought maybe I could just use the photos instead!


Which other artists, or people inspire you and your work?
My favourite artist is Egon Schiele, theres just something very intriguing and haunting yet beautiful about his drawings of people. Photographers I really admire are Alis Pelleschi and Dominic Clarke, both very different photographers but take the most fascinating pictures of people!

You’ve taken some utterly awe inspiring photographs. What inspires the theme and how do you find the perfect location?
A lot of my images are in very empty rural areas. I grew up in Norwich which is lots of countryside and I spend a lot of my time in fields and woods when I was younger so it’s always been a nice place for me. I usually find the location before I think of a concept so most stuff is based on the surroundings and how the subject is interacting with the surrounding.
What would you say has been your favourite moment in your photography career so far?
Ahh this is so difficult because every time something good happens its really great. Recently i have been meeting & organising shoots with musicians which is something I’d really love to do as a career eventually. Also in the spring i met with one of my favourite ever photographers Brooke Shaden which was really really really exciting!
What’s next for Charlotte?
I’ve literally just quit my job photographing for a website to spend the year improving my photography and experimenting. Very excited about this, will hopefully also be working with musicians to make images which fit their music and starting a joint 365 project with the very brilliant photographer and friend Louis Lander Deacon ๐Ÿ˜€

If you’d like to admire more of Charlotte’s photography visit her website here, or check out her blog here!

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