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From starting university, to making the decision to leave (and winning my first blog award) - the year of 2011 was a big one for me- and I finally moved back to London to intern and dedicate a little more time to the blog...


I could give you anything, except what you wanted, not what you wanted

(Jumper: COS, Top underneath: Topshop, Jeans: Topshop, Loafers: Russell & Bromley, Bag: Mulberry, Coat: ASOS, Belt: Vintage)
Hello! I thought I’d try and squeeze in a quick outfit post in my new COS spotty jumper, which I am undeniably in love with. I bought it in Brighton along with a lovely plain white tee from there and I felt very pleased with my purchases! COS is a shop that I always go into, and admire all the stunning pieces but never seem to have enough to buy something. It’s also one of those shops that has a somewhat ‘luxe’ feel about it, something a little ‘upmarket’ and although their prices are pretty competitive amongst other high street chains, there’s something very satisfying about having your top tissue wrapped and put in a crisp paper bag (it’s the simple things… um right?).
Additionally, despite the fact the weather has suddenly gone into AUTUMN MODE (this time last week I was sunbathing in shorts…) I am making the most out of wearing my new duffle coat (see last post!) that I was deliberating about here. It’s thin enough to wear as a jacket, but will be perfect for layering for warmth in the winter!
I’ve got so much pre-uni prep to do in the next few days, so sorry if the next few posts are a little scattered and un-organised- I’ll try and keep it regular! If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I’m beginning to worry a little about university, so bear with my scatty panicky tweets!
I hope all of you have lovely Thursday nights, feeling very jealous of those at Bestival and FNO!
P.S don’t forget my giveaway is open until Monday & check out my bits for sale here!

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