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My first year of blogging and my first venture of documenting everything I wore from sixth form uniform, collections I loved and everything from my teenage bedroom (with a few interesting fashion statements made)...


I had an idea…

I don’t know wether it would appeal to my wonderful readers or anonymous readers, but I was wondering whether anyone would be interested in seeing ‘school style’ ideas – despite the cheesey title I have branded it with! Basically, outfit posts with what I’d prehaps wear on a day-to-day basis to school and ideas on how to prehaps dress up a simple suit/skirt- prehaps not like Blair or Serena but just my own take. This may be a super silly idea, but I just wanted to know what you think?

Also, thank you for all my suggestions for blog posts on my previous post, and hello to all my new followers, it means such a lot!


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