Travel · April 13, 2018

The Journey to Abel Tasman

After a night catching up with the z’s, we hopped up bright and early to catch a domestic flight to Nelson, for a magical discovery of New Zealand’s Abel Tasman national park…

The flight to Nelson was a cocktail of lush green fluffy mountains and turquoise blue ocean- a tone that pretty much set the whole of our stay in the park. We hopped on a boat at Nelson, and enjoyed watching the little kayakers below us as we made our way to our home for the evening, Torrent Bay.

There’s a kind of mystery and adventure that lends itself to staying at Abel Tasman. Perhaps it’s the fact that you can only access accommodation at certain types of day by boat (weather dependent, as we learnt on our way home), or the fact that you wake up beach side, watching the mist, tide and weather change from morning to evening- making you feel like you’re in fact on your very own desert island.

After arriving at Torrent Bay, we set off on our first hike to Cleopatra’s Pool- trundling through hidden walkways, steep cliff faces and stunning waters in the mid afternoon sunshine. Although the pool was every bit as beautiful as I’d anticipated, I didn’t quite have the courage to get into my bikini (the water wasn’t quite as warm as it looked) but was happy to dip my toes in with Carrie and play photographer for the rest of our group.

The next day was a very different reflection of Mother Nature in the park. With the blue skies replaced with thick grey clouds and heavy rain- our kayaking adventures were abandoned for a rather wet hike to our next destination for the evening. Although for the most part we were avoiding puddles and squelching around in sodden jeans- we still soaked in the sights, and admired catching the gorgeous birds and wildlife and stunning palms totally covering the mountains. It felt miles away from the cityscapes of Auckland, and being little over half an hour away from Nelson airport, it felt positively tropical in comparison. Fortunately we were met with warm tea, dry clothes and Scrabble, proving it’s sometimes just as nice in-doors here as it is outside…

Part three of our New Zealand adventures coming…


I was a guest of Tourism New Zealand but all opinions my own


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