Style · April 3, 2018

The Jet Lag Aficionado

Things are getting a little bit old school this evening- as contrary to what my blog schedule thinks, I’m posting because I fancy it and not when I’d had it pencilled in for- renegade? Perhaps.

Rebel without a cause- I’ll take that. Either or, for the sheer joy of wanting to write, I thought I’d sit down and have a little catch up before normal blog service resumes. On the way to New Zealand a couple of weeks ago (whilst trying desperately to stay awake during the first leg of my journey), I spent a lot of time editing down my photographs from L.A, and realised I had so many that a couple of posts, opposed to one, wouldn’t necessarily be a totally terrible idea- so here we are! I mean, who would be adverse to a little more sunshine too?

Anyway, three weeks later it feels strange checking in with hindsight on my side. I can’t believe I’ve travelled around the world since the last time I posted on here (now an official jet-lag aficionado), and feel so so excited to share everything with you- starting with my adventures in Los Angeles and my first ever time in the city.

Although only a little over three days, being able to experience the city in spring time with long balmy evenings on side was just as magical as I’d hoped it would be- especially being there with one of my favourite brands, Superga, for their collection launch with none other than a certain Ms. Chung (keep it cool etc etc). Ticking off the Hollywood sign, leisurely strolls along Santa Monica and late night drives with mystery Uber tour guides to see whole-city lookouts as the city twinkled below- everything went by in the blink of an eye, but stay tuned for later on this week for a full run down of everything we did and saw (and a mini little black book of must visits if you’re ever there and short of time too)! Thank you for baring with- it’s good to be home…

(Jacket: C/O & Other Stories, Glasses: C/O & Other Stories, T-Shirt: Shop Suki, Jeans: Levi’s Wedgie, Shoes: Superga)



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