Style · February 9, 2018

Nana’s House Florals

I’m not going to pull out the ‘florals for spring?’ line just yet- but if there’s anything that’s going to get me excited for the arrival of daffodils, longer days and temperatures over five degrees Celsius, it’s probably gonna be some blooms (and whether or not they come with nude tights is totally out of my control).

Having spent this week dashing around London and admiring the rolling hills of Painswick in the beautiful Cotswolds, it’s safe to say my countdown to spring is on. Winters in the UK always feel somewhat never ending, so despite March comfortably being a few weeks away- I’m happy to imagine a time where bare ankles and biker jackets step in for teddy coats and bed socks (which, yes, I have been wearing outside of the house- thanks for asking)…

And let me talk to you about the dress too. I’ve mentioned Reserved previously in the past (for anyone with eagle eyes you may have spotted a little about them from my trip to Poland in August last year) but after learning a lot about their heritage from my trip, have been excited to see their collections, style and relevance on the UK high street grow. Learning about how they opened their first store (which resembled a thrift shop in the UK) really opened my eyes to how brands like this truly begin; it’s so easy to forget that there’s a team of people behind every design and item, and some of my favourite pieces this winter have been from them too (read: these boots, which I still haven’t taken off).

Anyway, back to the dress! Having seen Sammi wearing it (and subsequently fallen head over heels) I swiftly picked it up in store, and fell in love. Although I know it’s definitely something I’ll be seeing a lot more wear out of in spring- the Harry-Hill esque collar (one for my dad), pleats and chintzy traditional style florals are two things I for one can’t say no to- and it’s a refreshing nod to the kind of eighties pieces I’ve not seen much of on the high street amongst the polka dots, high waisted Annie Hall trousers and wide shoulders. It’s a nod to vintage without the awkward alterations (HOW CAN I TAKE UP A PLEATED SKIRT!) and something I’m excited to whip out when it BST starts too…

(Dress: C/O Reserved (coming soon online, in store now), Bag: C/O Reserved)

Post in collaboration with Reserved, but love of bright florals, a big collars and spring all my own



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