Uncategorised · December 9, 2017

Day 9 of Giftmas: Somethin’ Somethin’ For Her

(Scarf, Diary, Shoes, Necklace, Earrings, Bag)

On the ninth day of Christmas it was all about the ladies…

Sometimes I find buying for other girls really easy, and sometimes DAMN IT’S TRICKY. Sounds obvious but we’re not all make up and chocolates, so occasionally buying something for someone you don’t know particularly well can be a bit of a minefield without venturing into those territories. Above I’ve included a couple of my favourite jewellery picks of late, a gorgeous scarf (which everyone always needs) and a couple of stunning accessories- the bag being created by my wonderful friend Charlotte Elizabeth (who you can find on the Prince’s Trust Tomorrow’s Store with some other amazing businesses here). Although the above are only a small selection of gift ideas for her this year (and all around a similar price bracket)- I thought I’d include some more below at more varied prince points too. Although I have to say, if anyone wants to treat me to that Mulberry scarf I wouldn’t need a gift receipt. Promise.

because you can never have too many good ideas…



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