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Weekend ‘IRL’ Reading

I know each Sunday I usually pop up a weekend reading post (which, after a couple of weeks off I promise will be back tomorrow)- but as well as that, today I wanted to share a couple of my favourite IRL reads I’ve been turning to lately, all of which seem to have an underlying ~adulting~ theme to them- whether that be careers, mental health or simply getting yourself together. Having acquired quite the collection over the last few weeks I thought I’d share some must-reads and some that simply come highly recommended too…

For instant motivation: Little Black Book – Otegha Uwagba

It’s likely you’re probably already familiar with this little pink book, but incase you aren’t- let me introduce you. Whether you’re working a 9-5, find yourself freelancing in a creative industry or even running your own business- Otegha’s brilliant pint-sized book (and website for that matter) will quickly become your companion for all things inspiration in dry spells, difficult patches or even just long train journeys. With tips from various inspiring women including Pandora Sykes and Penny Martin- the book tackles taboo topics including money, knowing your worth and even public speaking and makes for a manual every woman should have in her handbag.

For a monthly pick-me-up: Red Magazine

Honestly? I’m not a huge reader of monthly mags, but the one I always make sure to have (especially now as my mum kindly bought me a subscription) is Red Magazine. Having only really started reading it in the last year, it’s quickly become one of the most inspiring things I flick through each month, and continuously have fantastic writers, beautifully considered pieces and varied and exciting fashion pages. Their most recent issue also had a huge life and career theme, so made for an even more go get ’em read.

For those ‘you got this!’ moments: Almost Adulting – Arden Rose

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re quite doing this whole adult thing right, let me assure you- Arden has got your back. With her book Almost Adulting Arden touches on everything from developing an interiors style on a budget, sex, long distance relationships and meeting people online- all with her warm, humorous and sparkly tone of voice that makes you feel like you’re chatting (or reading) to an old pal. A must read for any newbies to the renting/living alone thing!

For further reading: You Are A Badass & It’s All In Your Head

Although I haven’t properly tucked into these yet, both books have been firmly sitting pretty on my bedside table waiting to be devoured- and it’s safe to say I’m excited. Having both come from online recommendations (I’m pretty sure unsurprisingly Emma may be the reason)- I’m ridiculously keen to start getting through them with both tackling topics from mental health and OCD to self doubt and taking over the world. Let’s give it a go, eh?

What books have you been loving lately? Any reads to help inspire/tackle adulting are always welcome!

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