Style · August 16, 2017

The Spotted Midi






(Dress: H&M (sadly not online, but similar here), Bag: C/O YSL via Net-A-Porter, Shoes: Castaner)

Normally when I shoot outfit photos things are a little bit more considered around here. I like to find quiet pockets of London, unknown corners and spots to tell a story- but with things being a little crazy lately- Joe and I had to grab a minute in between meetings in town, making for something altogether more candid (despite the sweeping buildings still making for something pretty scenic). With the house, wedding talk (!) and a site redesign coming oh so soon, it’s been a little tricky having to be hyper organised to make sure things are as tickedy boo as you deserve them to be. At the moment my blog plan is a mix of lifestyle, beauty and outfits in between bad weather- but please let me know what you enjoy the most- as I want to make sure I’m putting the time and care where it needs to be most, if that makes sense?

But the dress! Enough scatter brain chat- this dress was something I picked up last week in H&M, and having not been into store for a while made for an exceptionally pleasant surprise, and required little/no thought as to weather there was definitely a gap in my wardrobe for it. Paired with my Castañer wedges and new favourite all-weather bag from YSL (Castañer designed the first wedge espadrille for Yves Saint Laurent in the late ’60s)- it felt like a failsafe (and surprisingly appropriate) look for running around town- at least before the rain came anyway…