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Sunday Duvet Reading: 21/08/2017

(Snap taken at Botany Bay whilst with Charlotte in Margate yesterday)

It was the week Taylor dropped a new song and did not shake it off, the week I flew in a private jet (!!!) for the first (and likely last time), started wedding planning and also finally caught up on my favourite Sunday posts! It’s been a bit of a hectic few weeks, so I’m so sorry these posts have sat on the back burner for a bit. Fortunately because of that there’s a heap of lovely suggestions to be getting stuck into, so hopefully you can forgive me!

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to…

(L-R: Megan, Stylist, Sophie, Anna)
The Must-Reads:
With the last month oozing all things adult for yours truly, this piece by Lynne Enright on The Pool rang especially true when talking about getting married and the concept of adulting. I also adored this piece on Stylist talking about the lessons we learnt growing up from our favourite Jacqueline Wilson books, especially as she was such a huge part of growing up for me (and definitely brought back some serious memories)! On top of that I also loved Jen’s talk about finding balance as a new mum (for any first time mothers out there) and Corinne’s especially moving article about emotion in journalism. Corinne is one of the most talented journalists I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting- and highly recommend following her for stunning and important photos from across the world.


The Blog Post:

This is certainly a little delayed (you can blame a month of no Sunday posts for that)- but one post I loved (especially getting into the marital spirit) was Anna’s about her gorgeous wedding. Not only did she look out of this world, but hearing about all the gorgeous details was truly inspiring (and I may have welled up a bit. Just a teeny bit though). Speaking of inspiring- a few of my favourite ladies have been going to town on the brilliant travel content this month and I particularly loved Carrie’s post from Queensland, Reem’s post from her safari and Sophie’s Wes inspired Croatia trip too- travel inspiration at its finest! I also enjoyed Megan’s reflective post and Alex’s beautifully heartfelt post about her nan- also raising money for a hugely important cause too.


The Podcast:
This week I’ve been largely tackling endless episodes of Desert Island Discs for an upcoming post (stay tuned)- but in the meantime have heard fantastic things about this weeks The High Low with Pandora and Dolly- which touches on beauty, internet trolling and agony aunting too.

The Blog Discovery:
I don’t often have a lot of time to discover new blogs sadly, but after Caitlin from Jeans and a Tee emailed me a few weeks back I fell in love with her blog. Not only is the layout seriously cool, but her music features reminded me a little of what inspired me to start blogging- and she has an amazing eye (or, ahem, ear) for great artists and new talent- as well as gorgeous style and an ace tone of voice- highly recommend!


The Video:
Although there’s been a lot of videos I’ve really enjoyed watching lately- it was Lily’s brush video and Zoe’s Reading lookbook that had me IRL hand-clapping-emoji (or, y’know- clapping my hands). I always find it so inspiring seeing fresh content on YouTube that feels creative whilst offering something useful too- and both of these ladies absolutely continuously ace that so these made for wonderful watches. Speaking of fresh- HOW could I write about YouTube and not mention that my pal Lucy has just joined?! Just as you thought she couldn’t get any cooler she does (I know, I know)- and I absolutely loved her first video offering, so go subscribe and give her all the thumbs up- I promise it’ll be time well spent.


Objects of desire:


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