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Made of Bricks








(Dress: H&M (sadly not currently online, but similar here), Bag: Radley (similar here), Shoes: Castaner)

Before an evening in London last week I dragged Joe to a quiet corner of Pimlico to grab some photos, in what can now only be described as my favourite tribute to 2007 dress I own (that isn’t from the Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop collection anyway). Obviously for an evening of Kate Nash singalongs it felt wholly appropriate. Especially seeing as I didn’t feel ready to reintroduce the coloured tights, brogues and denim shorts back into my collection, so tea dresses to one side, this was definitely the next best bet.

But whether it was a uniform of twee cardigans or Wonder Woman-esque two pieces a la Ms. Nash, hearing Made of Bricks on its ten year anniversary was certainly one way of spending a throw back Thursday- and felt incredibly special being in a room of twenty something girls who had all grown up with tales of broken hearts, dickhead ex boyfriends and eating too many damn lemons because they are so BITTTTA. The album took me through angsty MySpace messages and bulletins, GCSE exams, my first heartbreak (so much so my mum even says the album reminds her of that time) and even initially being introduced to Birds by my oldest cousin. It’s certainly come full circle with me- and now listening to it whilst planning a wedding (fuck, where did time go?) I feel like it’s really sandwiched together some of the most special parts of growing up and know that I’m definitely not going to tire of it anytime soon either.








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