Style · July 22, 2017

Back To The Sea

(Jacket: Jigsaw, Top: Brandy & Melville, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Superga, Bag: Radley)

Before this year, it had been years since I’d visited the beautiful Cornish town of St. Ives. I’d only visited once before when I was about 10 on a family holiday, and although I have fond memories of the sun shining, a favourite GAP hoodie and lunch at the Seafood Cafe (which we actually revisited this time around too)- it was all but tarnished by a seagull incident and an instant need to wash my hair. Ten year old drama-pre-teen-Liv was not amused (but totally rode on the fact it’s meant to be good luck, so I’ll go with that).

Anyway- seagull toilet trips to one side, this year Joe and I booked a little summer trip back to the Cornish coastline- starting in St. Ives and ending the week just across in Penzance. As timing would have it, it fell two days after we’d moved into our new house- but actually meant we got to spend a week not worrying about lack of broadband/furniture, and could actually just soak up the coast, eat endless fried fish and satisfy long-overdue cravings for blue-tounge inducing slush puppies (I promise I have grown up since I last came)!

After arriving late on the Monday afternoon, following one of the longest and most beautiful train journeys I’ve been on, we pulled into the station, dropped our bags off at our cottage (more on this soon) and set out making the most of the British sunshine. With an early fish supper and delicious drippy malted Cornish ice cream- who said you needed a passport for a gorgeous holiday? More soon!


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