Europe Travel · July 3, 2017

An Evening On Odyssey










(Dress: Monki, Sunglasses: Topshop (similar here))

No matter where you are in the world, the golden hour is always beautiful. When the sun starts to dip and the light starts to warm. Even if London has been miserable all day, overcast and soggy- when the golden hour comes around it’s easy to understand why it’s known as magic hour…

So when the opportunity arose to take a sunset boat ride on Peligoni’s resident fishing yacht, Odyssey- how could we say no? Up until recently my love of boats hasn’t been dissimilar of that of Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly (I’m about as graceful getting onboard as an elephant doing ballet)- but with this it felt a little different. The promise of sailing around the Zakynthian coastline as the sun went down seemed far more romantic than any banana boat or speed option I’d ever nervously steered away from- and with a skipper to take care of the taxiing, felt I could actually relax and enjoy the ride.

Spotting the silhouette of Kefalonia on the horizon whilst clinking glasses of bubbles (or Sprite if you live on the edge like me)- I truly felt incredibly spoilt and could certainly get used to trading in the central line for a sail around Greek islands as a way to end each evening. Optimistic? Me? It was the first of two beautiful boat rides during our stay, so stay tuned for the second adventure- which involved swimming, caves and an abandoned shipwreck- I told you I liked to live on the edge…







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