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Sunday Duvet Reading: This Week 1/5/2017

Happy Sunday lovely people! Perhaps it was the Bank holiday (read: it definitely was) but my goodness did this week fly by. I’m pretty sure it had something to do that sandwiched between a grey Monday off and a busy day filming on Friday I spent the week in sunny Mallorca with one of my favourite lifestyle brands, Hush. There will be plenty more on this soon- but if it did teach me anything it was that sunbathing in black jeans in temperatures over 24 degrees is not a good idea, and it’s about time I give articles like this a good read…

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to…

(L-R Sources: Jenny Walton, Hannah, Emily/Evening Standard, Scarlett)

The Must-Reads:

One thing I love curling up with on a Sunday is a good paper- I know it’s a typical Sunday morning cliche (and makes me sound a little like a nana)- but really, is there anything nicer than having a moment catching up with the week with the comfort of a cuppa and a bacon sandwich (which is normally replaced by cereal because lazy). Anyway- saying that, you won’t catch me divulging in any broadsheets, and more often than not I’m solely reaching for the supplements (cough, always)- but one column that I adore is Scarlett’s for the Sunday Times Style. Discussing all things Gen Z, she tackles everything from pieces to not miss and topics worth touching on. Although I do like to pick it up IRL- her pieces are also added online, so definitely check those out because she is a grade A cool cat.

Speaking of papers, this week I was astonishingly featured in the Evening Standard’s 25 London Influencers to follow list, which was pretty bloody cool (along with some amazing bloggers too) and if you want to see another bloody cool thing- check out my pal Hannah’s new post (and, well, every post) too- because she’s been on fiiiiyah lately. And I never spell fire like that either.

The YouTube Video:

I mentioned their podcast last week, but this week I LOL-ed all over the shop watching Jules and Sarah talk about American Candy– the pair of them are bloody hysterical and I’m sure if you’re after a smile this Sunday this’ll do the job nicely.

On top of that, I’ve also been in awe of Estée and Aslan’s vlogs from their incredible Japan trip. If like me you’ve ever thought about going to Japan (and always felt a bit lost with where to even begin to know what to do)- their beautifully shot candid videos paint the most beautiful picture of the country. Plus, if that ain’t enough girl has just gone and done a stationary haul too from her trip. HULLO INDEED.

The Website Love:
Hello, I’m Liv and I have found a new girl crush/spirit animal/total icon (cross as appropriate) in Jenny Walton. After very kindly being introduced to the fashion editor of The Sartorialist from Abby on Twitter, I have fallen head over heels from Ms. Walton. Not only is her style out of this world, but she seems to appreciate all things Wes Anderson as much as I do and has a serious knack (read: unrivalled talent) for illustration. Teach me how!

The Event:
Roll up, roll up! If you are based in Liverpool and fancy seeing me have a good old natter about blogging, fashion and the like- I will be in the ‘pool on Friday 7th July as part of the British Style Collective! It’s set to be a pretty fun day, so come along if you fancy (as I’d definitely love to see some friendly faces there)!

Objects of desire:


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