Style · February 11, 2017

Little Starry Midi

(Dress: Miss Selfridge, Bag: C/O Radley, Boots: Camilla Elphick)

When the weather is this grey and cold, it becomes incredibly easy to slip into a bit of a sartorial slump. Perhaps it’s the combination of working freelance and being in the height of my self inflicted spending ban ( which means no more impulse purchases), but at the moment it feels as if I can’t quite put my finger on how to get dressed in the mornings (without pulling out trackies and socks so big any normal shoe couldn’t go on top). It’s hit that time in winter where I regret ever saying I missed wearing black tights- and the thought of wearing a dress without a Heat-Tech vest underneath feels like pure luxury (yup, things really are that glam around here). Although I’m yet to empty my wardrobe and solidly sort through it (always so helpful when you forget about the gems you actually have), I’m looking forward to warmer, longer days and getting to be a little more experimental (without the need to whip a bear coat off every five minutes)!

But saying that, one thing I have loved pulling out is this dreamy midi from Miss Selfridge. There’s something ridiculously versatile about pulling on a dress conservative enough in length that it doesn’t look like you have totally bare legs in winter (nope, I’m not totally bananas), dressy enough that it can take you from meeting to dinner and subtle enough that you can do all of the above whilst throwing on your favourite disco boots and chunky coat. So far I’ve worn it to a meeting, a birthday dinner and just for running around- and it’s ticked all three boxes. Maybe this dress is a slump shifter after all…