Beauty · February 3, 2017

First Impressions: Glossier

As fate would have it, whilst I was in the Big Apple in December, I was kindly told by Laura that Glossier had opened their showroom for some IRL shopping. ‘WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?!’ I cried, as I literally dragged my family about thirty blocks across town with the twinkle of Boy Brow glinting at me from the shop front finish line. But the trek was worth it let me tell you! Not only did the pink toned apartment have seats so my weary family could rest up whilst I struggled to contain myself, but everyone in store was so wonderful and helpful- meaning picking up some samples to finally try was made all the dreamier and although it took me all of five minutes to select what I wanted, I’m already counting down until my next visit…

As a note, Glossier sadly don’t currently ship to the U.K (this is a U.S trip must-shop) but Net A Porter currently stock a pack of their lip balms so you can give them a try!

The cult classics…

The two products I’d heard a lot of chatter about were Boy Brow and the Stretch Concealer. Another thing I’d heard, seen and loved was Glossier’s focus on ‘what girls need in real life’ and their aim to keep things fuss free, easy to use great basics. All good for this gal who likes products who allow an extra ten minutes snooze time each day… Anyway! The products! As you may have already guessed, they are indeed worth the hype. Boy Brow is the perfect balance of brow tint, gel and fluffer- meaning that you can groom, brush and fill your brows- without it looking blocky, stiff, liney or that you’ve just gone at it with a felt tip- it’s completely fool proof.

The Stretch Concealer is also a bit of a dream boat. Although it’s not got quite as much coverage as some of my others, it’s the perfect silky (and glowy) under eye fix when things are looking a bit tired- I just probably wouldn’t give it sole responsibility for my bigger spots (although it could definitely tackle small blemishes).

The skin care sample…

I am constantly on the hunt for a good daily use cleanser, and after using the Milky Jelly Cleanser– I think I’ve found a new goodie to add to my collection. With it leaving my skin feel soft, supple and extremely clean (without feeling tight)- it’s a great gel based cleanser that applies beautifully and makes for the perfect first step in my daily routine.

The lucky dip…

Also part of the phase 2 set they sell (which comes with Boy Brow and the Stretch Concealer) comes the Generation G matte lipstick. On first impressions I did think these would be highly pigmented, but it turns out it’s simply a subtle wash of buildable matte colour- perfect for daily wear for a delicate make up look. The colour I selected was the nude peach shade ‘cake’ which I was told founder Emily wore on her wedding day- and if it’s good enough for Weiss, it’s good enough for me.

P.S Glossier products are all cruelty free too- could they get dreamier?


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