Oceania Travel · January 12, 2017

Along The Great Ocean Road

Having only just passed my driving test, it probably won’t come as a huge surprise that I’ve never done a road trip before. It’s something I’ve thought about, and have always had the typical Route 66, East to West, Thelma and Louise style fantasies of top down tales, sunglasses and soundtracks, coasting along carefree with my wingman (cough, Joe) directing in the passengers seat…

…So, during our brief three night stay in Melbourne I was thrilled that we managed to squeeze in a trip along the Great Ocean Road. Stretched across 243 kilometres of the south-eastern Australian coast and normally tackled over three days of driving, camping and soaking it all in- we managed to just about squeeze everything in in 11 hours (missing only the last few miles of the route as we neared the end). Initially hand-built as a government scheme to assist recovering soldiers from WW1- the road connects little once isolated towns along the coastline, linking up some of the countries most beautiful landscapes and hideaways- as well as the stunning and ancient Maits Rest rainforest too (all in a days work, of course).

Beginning bright and early, we loaded the car with water bottles, suncream and buckled our belts before setting off along the coast. With our initial pit-stop including a hop out in Torquay, Bells Beach and Anglesea; the route was filled with some of Australia’s best waves and surfing spots, with names such as ‘Freshwater Creek’ all making me wish we had time to even attempt getting on a board.

There was something incredibly calming about winding along quiet roads next to some of the bluest ocean I’d ever seen. With nothing but each others company and views of nothing but open road and blue sea ahead- it almost went by in so much of a blur that I’m not sure I had time to take it all in. Even the brief moments of parking up, clueless as to our whereabouts- only to walk out onto views of swooping cliff sides and cars as small as ants winding around felt somewhat magical.

With our journey including a seaside lunch break in one of the local surf towns, before heading past the Memorial Arch and later on to 12 Apostles and London Bridge- it all felt like a total whirlwind. So- if you’re visiting Victoria, or even stopping by in Melbourne- I’d hugely recommend making this trip. It can be done in as little as a day or as long as three- and I promise you won’t regret it. Now- our final stop in Melbourne calls! See you there!