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The year of travel- from Aus to Africa- as well as some of my favourite ever photos, I hope 2016 brings a small dose of wanderlust (and fashion inspiration if not)!


My U.S Beauty Picks

I promise it wasn’t just the packaging…

Whilst I was in the U.S last month, I managed to make a couple of cheeky pit-stops in Sephora. I mean, let’s face it- it’s pretty much a bloggers rite of passage during any visit outside of the U.K. So, armed with a shopping list of items and recommendations collated from Pinterest, YouTube and the wonders of the internet- I set about digging past the bright lights and endless glowing shelves of this haven (with a patient Joe waiting amongst the fragrances).

Although I’ve done a whole video here on everything I picked up (and nattering a little more about each purchase)- I thought I’d pop a handful into a post to give you a little peek into some of the gems that fell into my basket…

Stop spot!

I’d heard a lot about this little power house of a spot treatment, so after spotting it in Anthropologie (no pun intended), passionately swept it up into my arms like a miniature kind of Ryan Gosling- and have been excitedly waiting my next spot to arrive to zap it ever since (well, kind of). Who said blogging was glamorous?

More than just a pretty face…

I’d be telling a total porkie if I said it wasn’t the packaging that initially had me fall for the beautiful cosmetics at Herbivore. With it’s simple, crisp and Scandi design- you’d be forgiven for thinking these products were just a pretty face. But fear not! after taking both the Moon Fruit night treatment for a spin (which is sumptuously hydrating and smoothing- even with it’s distinct fragrance) and face mist (which is cooling and nourishing for even the most parched of pores)- they’re a couple of total treats (which look just as pretty on the bathroom shelf too).

From beach to bathroom!

Although I’m not normally someone partial to a salt spray (and having baby-fine hair means this barnet gets greasy pretty quickly)- I was a little unsure about giving this a go. But, doubling up as a body mist I was sold (multifunctional usage and pretty typography?! WIN WIN) So far I’ve not had a chance to take it for a whirl, I’ll report back with any updates (but you’ll probably notice me looking like a beachy-mermaid-babe if this spray is a success story in a post soon).

(Pretty backdrop paper, from Junk and Glitter)

Pampered paws…

Okay- it was the packaging. It sold me. The poetic name (which strangely has nothing to do with hands) and botanical blooms had me at hello, and it was only after I was skipping towards the checkout with Shakespeare’s answer to hand cream that I even bothered giving it a sniff (it’s delightful, FYI). Although I’m certainly not someone in need of any more hand creams (that’s what Christmas is for)- I know this would make a perfect gift for someone (again, Christmas).

The handbag essential…

I’ve been a huge lover of Fresh’s facial products and masks for a while, so after spotting their rollerballs in Sephora (and being a girl who’s handbag definitely lacks top-up scents)- thought this would be the prefect addition for my on-the-go beauty stash. On top of that the scent is light and fruity- and I love that I can whip it out for a quick middle of the day pick-me-up.

The cult classic…

Having heard a bunch about this infamous haircare brand, I was pretty excited to spot the shiny silver bottles whilst pursuing Sephora’s shelves. Although I’ve used the shampoo and conditioner before (and loved them)- this hairspray is a new one for me- and after it’s first use, I’m a big fan. It’s a good hold- but brushes out easily and allows for movement too (meaning fringes and curls don’t turn into a helmet-like situ)- but lasts long enough that a top up isn’t a necessity- kudos!

Get the glow…

Hi I’m Liv, and I’m late to every beauty party ever. Having only just clocked on to the Jaclyn Hill/Pat McGrath bandwagon now everything is close to selling out (or, y’know sold out- damn you beautiful sequins)!! I was keen to give one of the infamous champagne highlighters a whirl. Being a bit of a highlighter novice (I usually end up either looking sweaty or streaky), I’m absolutely in love with this duo- and with the pigment packing a punch a little definitely goes a long way.

I also picked up a few more products, which I spoke about in this weeks video– so if you fancy seeing what else I picked up have a nosey over here too!


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