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The year of travel- from Aus to Africa- as well as some of my favourite ever photos, I hope 2016 brings a small dose of wanderlust (and fashion inspiration if not)!

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Postcards from the Masai Mara

Perched alongside the Sand River and overlooking the Serengeti and the Tanzanian border in the distance, it wouldn’t be unusual to catch a collective of zebras grazing from your pool over at Sala’s Camp– our home following a couple of days in Samburu. With the journey between spots taking little over an hour- we made headway for the camp just before the rain came, and began to settle in our new riverside abode.

With rooms boasting riverside views, pools, brass bath tubs and the soundtrack of animals and humming birds- it’s a pretty special experience to camp pretty much at one with nature (I heard someone describe the camp as ‘low key luxury’ which felt pretty apt)! The communal mess area also offers delicious lunches and supper, along with a roaring fireside during the chillier evenings and deckside dining when it’s sunny too- which made coming home after a day of drives feel like the perfect wind down…

(PJS: Tales of Thread)

But back to the drives! With Lucy, Ben, Nicole and I all hopping up around 6am each day for our drive- it was amazing to catch the Mara at sunrise each day (with a delicious freshly cooked bush breakfast seeing us through around 9:30- definitely making the early starts more bearable)! With the Mara showcasing an incredibly rich amount of wildlife, it almost felt like a real life performance of the Lion King each day (bar the soundtrack, naturally)- and spotting wildebeest, hyena and even rhino helped us complete a mental tick list of our already expanding list of sightings across Kenya.

With the savannah offering a slightly greener setting compared to Samburu, being able to spot prides of lions hiding in the bushes and tall grass made for some incredible viewing each day- and I can’t believe how fortunate I felt to be able to tick off sighting some of the world’s most rare animals in their natural habitat (although breaking down next to some hippos did concern me slightly- but hey, it’s one for the kids)! After a couple of days at Sala’s, we set off for our final stop in Nairobi- which has to be one of the most incredible places on earth…

A huge thanks to The Safari Collection for hosting me on this trip


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