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The year of travel- from Aus to Africa- as well as some of my favourite ever photos, I hope 2016 brings a small dose of wanderlust (and fashion inspiration if not)!


Saturday Morning Reading

Just pull up a chair, brew a cuppa, sit back and relax…

One of the earliest photos of me I know I have lying around somewhere, is a snap of a small Liv (not much older than 3) sitting down attempting to read FHM Magazine (or something of that ilk). Perhaps it was the…content, but for as long as I can remember I’ve collected magazines or had my head in one (I used to love my granddad’s pink broadsheets just as much too). The underneath of my bed is packed with groaning boxes of NME Magazines from the last 8 years I can’t bear to part with, and amongst my books are odd i-Ds, Nylon’s Vogue’s and Elle’s that I treasure just as much as original copies. Having spent the ages of about 14-18 in fashion cupboards, writing music reviews and opening and delivering post from the Bluefin building to Hearst, picking up my monthlies, quarterlies and weeklies has always been and will remain something I love and look forward to.

So! After picking up some new additions and following Estée uploading her amazing video (I promise this was already in the pipeline), I thought I’d share some of my current favourite reads and discoveries (some you’ll be familiar with, some less so) in hope that maybe it inspires your Saturday a little…

Cereal: Cereal is one of my favourite travel and city magazines out there. Fusing style and culture, and with each issue being broken down into chapters on various cities both home and away, it’s the perfect read for a little escapism and wanderlust, and also features some of the most clean, crisp and beautiful photography there is.

InStyle: InStyle (and Red for that matter) and two monthlies I very rarely every miss on picking up. Not only do I absolutely love the mix of high end and street fashion (the way it’s curated and styled- making it attainable and aspirational at the same time), the varied features (they have an amazing beauty segment with George Northwood which I love) and the inspiring women who feature in interviews and various pieces. Everything is perfectly put together making it a really pleasurable, digestible and inspiring read.

Sunday Girl: Certainly a more recent discovery of mine, Sunday Girl is the ultimate nod to ‘coffee table magazine’ and focusses on inspiring self-made and motivated women doing incredible and inspiring things; whether that’s the cover muse, models in the shoots or even the inspiring female entrepreneurs in the articles- there’s something to learn on every page. Whether that’s women of the past (and some nods to some historic icons) or the future, you’ll be sure to pick up something and feel head-to-toe inspired.

Lunch Lady: Okay, so I picked this up because LOOK AT THE DESIGN. Even without flicking through it’s pages Lunch Lady has the design elements down to a tee- and thats without shining light on the beautiful content inside. With a sole focus on families and food; Lunch Lady is the perfect wholesome, warming and friendly magazine- with a tongue in cheeky attitude, and an intimidating approach to food and cooking- this magazine is the perfect modern food (and family) people’s guide to treasure.

Blogosphere: I’ve spoken about Blogosphere across my channels, but let’s give it another hello over here today, too! With the magazine solely focussing on the blogging industry (I guess you could say the clue’s in the name a little here)- the magazine is the perfect introduction to bloggers across various niches, and features popular posts from well loved, and new names too. Although you’ll probably be familiar with some of the names here, the mag breaks blogging down for newbies too- so don’t be intimidated if you’re new to blogging either!

Southeast London Journal: Growing up in Zone 6 South East London, it can often feel like you’re a little detached from the hubbub of the central city, but Southeast London Journal really celebrates all there is South (East) of the river. With various issues discussing different elements of this part of town (they have everything from food issues to ones dedicated to style)- it’s the perfect pick up if you’re looking for a new part of London to get your nose in to.

Betty: Well, does Betty really need an introduction around here? Possibly my favourite out of the bunch (which I’m definitely biased about as it’s run by two of the biggest bad-ass babes ever), but Betty pretty much has everything nailed. From beautiful shoots (in some seriously inspiring locations), beauty, food, occasional floristry, music and wish-lists- there’s not much you can expect not to find in this beautiful keepsake magazine and I can guarantee you’ll want to be a Bettette too.

Zeum: I first picked this up whilst in Brighton after spotting my favourite Flo Morrissey on the cover, and since then I’ve loved fingering through it’s pages to discover new ideas for shoots (the photography in Zeum is something that sets it apart from other mags) and picking out amazing talented women in every field from acting to photography. On top of that, the interviews are so, so well constructed and informative- which makes it a good read as well as a visual treat.

British Girls: I know it’s usually what’s inside that counts, but, ahem, the British Girls cover had me at hello (and yes, the inside is just as good too). With the publication focussing on contemporary modelling talent in the British fashion industry, it’s certainly a more contemporary and niche stance in a hugely popular market. With the debut issue highlighting and celebrating some of the key and upcoming players in the industry- it’s packed with stunning, energetic and beautifully styled shoots and is certainly something you’ll keep going back to.


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