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The year of travel- from Aus to Africa- as well as some of my favourite ever photos, I hope 2016 brings a small dose of wanderlust (and fashion inspiration if not)!


Paris In Spring

(Jumper: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: ASOS, Bandana: Urban Outfitters)

How often is it that you get your own Parisian balcony in the heart of the city, and a stones throw away from one of the cities busiest shopping and tourist districts? By my book, not very often (I’m a Zone 6 London girl through and through)- so when my friends and I channel-hopped to the City of Love (for Carrie’s hen party no less) earlier this month, I made sure I spent plenty of time admiring the views- because what’s nicer than waking up on a sun dappled French balcony with a fresh baguette to boot? (Ignoring mind the fact I’m not a ~huge~ fan of heights)…!

Anyway- let me tell you a little more about our humble abode! Kindly hosted by the fantastic Sweet Inn, the company have apartments all over the city (for as few, or as many of you are travelling)- and although the space is completely yours during your stay (so you have all the time to Instagram until your hearts content)- before check in they have a central Paris lobby (as well as cleaning, and many other standard ‘hotel amenities’), so you have the full independent experience, but with added comfort too!

But on to outfitting! For my first day in Paris I pulled out my current favourite marl go-to, which is the perfect balance of casual meets playful (anything with a slogan usually ticks everything for me)- so paired with a bandana and my go-to crop flares I was ready for a day of exploring, and, ahem, dancing on the balcony. As you do…


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