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The Night Before Christmas

(Suit: C/O M Missoni, Bag: Kate Spade, Shoes: River Island, Earrings: Anna + Nina, Bracelets: Anna + Nina)

Photos by Joe Galvin

And, as always, Liv was parading around in something suitably festive for the time of year…

…but hey, it’s not often you get to wear a velvet suit and present box bag and it be socially acceptable, right? But before you think this was as glamorous as it looked, this was taken on a windy, rainy and very cold December evening (where #thinhairprobs totally applied) and getting the lighting right was one hundred percent reliant on cars driving past at tactical times. So yes, a little bit of context for you there- although, this suit is pretty special, right? A little addition care of M Missoni, it’s every bit my dream party outfit and requires absolutely no thought (or layering) to look effortless and, if I’m honest, really quite cool (said in a Hugh Grant voice).

So- yes! ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a create is stirring, not even a mouse. I thought I’d publish this early as I know you’ll all be in bed early for a certain red-wearing present-giving visitor this evening- but wanted to share something a little more special before the big day. I’ll be taking a couple of days away from my laptop over the season (with content still going up after Boxing Day)- but wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I’m actually doing some work with Crisis on Boxing Day, so if anyone would be interested about hearing about my experiences (as I think it’s an amazing cause) let me know too! I never want to sound self righteous or ‘Miss Worldly’ when discussing charity, but am always keen to share the good things in the world too- especially if it enlightens someone new to something important.

Anyway! Santa, Miss World and charity aside- have a very happy and healthy Christmas (and New Year), eat all the mince pies, watch all the Elf and sing all the Shakin’ Stevens too- and the Queen’s speech, too! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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