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5 Years of What Olivia Did

~ Insert party popper emoji here ~

Well hello there! Isn’t this exciting? After 5 years of nattered words, over 900 posts and far too many tweets than I can wrap my tiny head around, this blog is back with a bit of a spruce up- a What Olivia Did 2.0 if you like, and let’s all face it- it was long overdue. Having last updated my layout 4 years ago and grown quite attached to it’s little illustrations and quirky ways (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it)- I was deliberating giving things a spruce up, but was set on finding the right person to guide me to something a little more up to date (but equally still ‘me’). On New Years Eve last year, after endless scouring, jotting down names and the like, I came across the work of Lauren, a graphic designer based across the pond whose work instantly had me at hello. We discussed ideas over Skype calls with tea and after months of back-and-forth emails, colour pallets, rearranging and tinkering- here we are. Lauren kindly set me up with coding extraordinaire Chaitra, and with her patience and skills she made all the designs and ideas a reality, which I can’t thank them both enough for. Obviously to keep things playful, I had to include some more illustrations from my favourite Emma– and if you have a nosey about the pages you’ll find her work hiding (and incorporated in some interactive maps too- so you can browse all of my travel archives too)!

So, what’s next for W.O.D? (Sounds fancy when it’s just initials, doesn’t it)? With a new layout brings new content ideas (and yes, a font you can all finally see and read), there will be more recipes, interviews and the like (but obviously let me know if there’s anything more you want to see)- and the thing I’m most excited about, new weekly YouTube videos! I’ve been working on getting things a little more organised, and I’m finally going to give this video malarky a proper go- hurrah! Click over to my channel here in time for this Sundays video if you fancy!

Finally- if you stay tuned, in the next couple of weeks there’s going to be a big ‘new layout’ celebratory giveaway with one of my favourite ever brands, Kate Spade- so keep your eyes peeled for that too! I promise it’s a good ‘un!

Thank you all again for your endless reading, clicking and support over the last 5 years, I can’t say how thankful I am for every tweet, comment and number that shows someone has come by this page- and I honestly couldn’t have done this without you (GUSH)- you guys are the absolute bee’s knees. LOVE YOU LOTS- and here’s to the next 5!


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